Sometimes we go to the hairdresser and say, do what you think — we need a lift. And then the hairdresser does her thing. That can be a bit of a crap shoot.

On this video Gabi shows us the hows and whys certain haircuts don’t work for our face.

Of course we know that hair styles can enhance our looks. A great haircut complements our looks and done correctly, can make us look more youthful and sexy.

Check this video out to see how to style longer hair so the face doesn’t look dragged down.  She explains how the illusion of width equals volume and creates a youthful look in the jawbone. Gabi talks about the Pixie as well but cautions there’s a way to do it so that it makes us look younger. Pixies can backfire. Click here to see what to do and what to avoid.

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