When your hairdresser asks you if you have a “look” in mind….what do you say?

I usually pull out my favorite Meg Ryan shag picture.

Meg Ryan rocks the shag

But what else?

I just found an article that had 80 Classy and Short Hair Styles for Women Over 50.  I didn’t like any of them but 2. I admit I only got to the 48th hair style and quit…but I think they are all way too chiseled.

It would be fun to know which ones you like — here’s the 2 that I think look sassy and fun… but hey, that’s just my taste.  Check all of them out and let me know.


Full bodies layered cut

sassy pixie

Check out Pinterest for the sexiest women over 50 and you will see some great hairstyles.

This is one of my favorites. Why go short when you can go sexy?

Long hair over 50 works!

Oh and then there’s Christie Brinkley — but she had it way before she became a woman of a certain age.

Christie Brinkley even has her own guide to looking good

And this style showed up on the Pinterest page as well. Love this one.

Enjoy browsing around and let us know which ones you love. and while you’re at it, check out BA50’s Pinterest board “BA50s LOVE their Hair” for more great styles on our favorite midlife women.


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