I was totally mortified but I had no choice and had to run out and deal with this….. and then I couldn’t believe what he said!!!

My husband had told me  some company was helping out with our car delivery and could I be available between 1 pm and 6 pm at the house to receive it and pay him.  I agreed betting that given the 5 hour window, what was the likelihood  the car would be delivered when I was out for just 2 hours.  I was sure my hair appointment wouldn’t interfere.

Let’s just say, I’m not a good gambler. So of course, I was in the middle of getting my highlights done and the call came in.  With 10 minutes to get  home to meet the guy, I laughed out loud and said to the hairdresser, “I’m heading out, be back in 30 minutes and I hope there’s no lightening storm out there.” The truth was, I felt totally ridiculous and wished I lived in the anonymity of NYC. But I don’t.


I apologized for my ridiculous appearance but shockingly….. He made my day!!!! Who ever thought I would receive the ultimate compliment.?


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