Whether updating your basic cooking necessities, looking for a way to jazz up your kitchen essentials, or hosting some appetizers for friends, we have some exciting finds for you! With the warmer summer months coming up quickly, it’s time to get out some fancy and colorful cutting boards for a great looking charcuterie spread! At the same time, there’s no better opportunity to update your kitchen cutlery when purchasing a new chopping board. These fun and simple little updates to your kitchen supplies will make cooking on those regular week nights a little more exciting and definitely a whole lot easier. Check out these fabulous finds of great wood bowls for serving, chopping blocks and knife sets! 

GOODEE x Skagerak Dania Cutting Board, Alternate, color, TEAK

Undeniably beautiful teak wood brings earthy dimension to a durable cutting board designed to be gentle on your knives and naturally resist odors and germs.


DENY DESIGNS Holli Zollinger French Cutting Board, Alternate, color, BLUE

Abstract art marks the back of a birch wood cutting board that’s ideal for food prep and display alike. This unique board will work great functionally for cooking and for serving some chic appetizers for guests!

Deny Designs $35

DENY DESIGNS Iveta Abolina Birch Wood Cutting Board, Alternate, color, PINK

Swirled paint-splatter designs mark the back of a birch wood cutting board that’s ideal for food prep and display alike.

Deny Designs $35

NORDSTROM at Home Medium Wood Serving Bowl, Main, color, BROWN

Add an earthy touch to your table setting with a rich woodgrain serving bowl that’s best for use with dry goods. It’s great for serving salads or chips for appetizers!

Nordstrom $55

DENY DESIGNS 83 Oranges Guava Cutting Board, Alternate, color, PINK

Colorful fruit designs mark the back of a birchwood cutting board that’s ideal for food prep and display alike. We love the summery vibe of this cutting board as we head into the warmer months!

Deny Designs $35

PACKAGE FREE Set of 2 Wood Cutting Boards, Main, color, DARK

Handmade from reclaimed and recycled wood, this pair of versatile cutting boards will add an eco-friendly touch to your kitchen as you chop, slice and mince.

Package Free $42

NAMBÉ 'Blend' Bar Board & Knife, Alternate, color, Silver

Easily slice lemons and lines for drink garnishes on a compact cutting board crafted from rich acacia wood with a curved slot designed to hold the accompanying stainless-steel knife.

Nambe $60

HAWKINS NEW YORK Medium Organic Maple Cutting Board, Main, color, MAPLE

Organic maple wood adds rich, natural charm to a tasteful cutting board that fuses form and function. This funky oval shape will add some fun to your cooking!

Hawkins $100

THE WHITE COMPANY Set of 3 Eucalyptus Wood Dipping Bowls, Main, color, NATURAL

Hand-carved from eucalyptus wood with a soft, natural luster, these dipping bowls make a handsome addition to your table.

The White Company $36

VIKING Steakhouse Pakka 6-Piece Wood Steak Knife Set, Main, color, BLACK

Enjoy steakhouse-quality cutlery at every home-cooked meal with this set of six German-steel steak knives.

Viking $99.99

FIVE TWO BY FOOD52 Set of 3 Essential Knives, Main, color, RHUBARB

This handsome set includes a chef’s knife, a serrated knife and a paring knife, forming the foundation of any good kitchen collection. The chef’s knife handles prep tasks ranging from mincing veggies to deboning meat, while the serrated knife slices bread and the paring knife is perfect for peeling and coring fruit.

Food52 $139

THE WHITE COMPANY Seagrass Baguette Basket, Main, color, NATURAL

This slender handwoven seagrass basket is a charmingly rustic way to serve up your favorite crusty, fresh-baked loaves, fruit and more.

The White Company $36

VERVE CULTURE Thai 2-in-1 Chef Knife, Alternate, color, BROWN

Both modern and timeless, this versatile chef’s knife handcrafted in Thailand features a broad stainless-steel blade and smooth Pradu wood handle.

Verve Culture $80

VIKING Professional 7-Piece Knife Block Set, Main, color, STAINLESS STEEL

A well-equipped knife block set includes high-carbon German stainless steel pieces that deliver exceptional performance for professional and home chefs alike.

Viking $429.99

NAMBÉ Frond Set of 4 Steak Knives, Main, color, METALLIC SILVER

Elegantly tapered handles and polished stainless steel put these steak knives a cut above the rest. Designer Lou Henry’s natural inspiration ensures a look that’s equal parts modern and timeless.

Nambe $40

WATERFORD Lismore Diamond Lead Crystal Cake Knife & Server Set, Main, color, SILVER

Sparkling, crystal-encrusted handles intensify the upscale elegance of a silvery cake knife and server set that’s ideal for any special occasion.

Waterford $93

NAMBÉ Anna Set of 4 Steak Knives, Main, color, METALLIC SILVER

Tapered steak knives with a sleek, graceful design are balanced to stand up when placed on a flat surface.

Nambe $30


How to Clean and Care for Wood Cutting Boards

There’s a lot to love about wood cutting boards: They’re a pleasure to chop on and gentler on knife edges. And they’re far more beautiful than plastic ones. The only downside to wood is that it’s prone to warping and so requires more babying than plastic—wood must be hand-washed and oiled regularly. A warped board is a true tragedy in the kitchen. But by properly caring for your wood cutting board, you can help it avoid this fate so that it lasts for many years.

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