Bring your holiday season into the future with some awesome hi-tech gifts!

For the photographer

Nowadays it’s easier than ever for anyone to pick up photography. Give a gift that will help the photographer in your life take their pictures to new heights with theĀ DB Power Drone with WiFi camera. This durable drone is great connects to a phone app and is perfect for anyone who wants to try out drone photography without busting their budget.

TheĀ DB Power Drone with WiFi camera will give a photographer a new perspective.

For a thrill-seeking photographer who’s always trying to capture incredible action shots, theĀ AIQIU Waterproof Action CameraĀ leaves little to be desired. It captures 4K resolution video and is compatible with both Android and iOs devices. With underwater and wide-angle capabilities as well as a super versatile mounting kit, this camera packs a huge punch while maintaining ultimate portability.

The AIQIU 4K Action Camera is the perfect gift for anyone trying to capture the full extent of their adventures.

For the avid memory collector and Instagram photographer, theĀ HP Sprocket Portable Photo PrinterĀ is the perfect gift! This wireless printer will print photos from social media straight from your smartphone onto sticker paper for easy scrapbooking. Customize borders in the app to create a unique way to capture and share memories with friends.

The HP Sprocket will be a huge hit this holiday season!

For the phone obsessed

Virtual reality technology is better than ever. TheĀ Samsung Virtual Reality HeadsetĀ pairs with a Samsung mobile device to make virtual reality even more accessible. If someone in your life is always using their phone to its fullest potential, this will be a great gift for them!

Convert a phone screen into a portal to a new world with this Gear VR headset!

This holiday season we know at least a few people in our lives will be upgrading their iPhone to the latest models. Help save a loved one from the trauma of a shattered phone with an ultra-durable, best sellingĀ Otterbox phone case. Available in countless color combinations and well-known for providing great protection to mobile devices, we’ll be preventing many phone related tragedies this year by gifting our family members with anĀ Otterbox phone case.

Otterbox phone cases come in fun bright colors as well as sleek neutralsā€“find a perfect style for anyone!

For someone who needs to unwind

We all have that person in our lives who we’d love to give the gift of relaxation to. Technology hasn’t advanced so far for us to be able to do that yet, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for gifts that can help our loved ones unwind. Reading is a great way to relax, and theĀ Kindle PaperwhiteĀ gives someone access to countless e-books and periodicals without the eyestrain of other tablet readers. The high resolution screen of the device also adjusts for reading in daytime and nighttime conditions. What a great way to escape into the pages of a book without the hassle!

Members of Amazon Prime can read from thousands of selections for free on the Kindle Paperwhite.

Reading on-the-go is a great way to unwind from the stresses from everyday life, and so is gaming. TheĀ Nintendo SwitchĀ is changing the way people think about gaming by completely reimagining portable gaming consoles. A perfect gift for a serious gamer or someone in search of some casual and fun gaming escapades!

The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate mobile gaming console and supports single and multiplayer modes.

For the audiophile

Music lovers, commuters, and podcast aficionados rejoice for great sound tech. Treat the avid listener in your life to some great qualityĀ Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones. These wireless headphones with world-class noise cancelling technology are a great way to upgrade your listening experience, or just block out outside distractions.

Available in sleek silver and black, Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones are effortlessly modern.

For improving someone’s listening experience at home, look no further than the Sonos Play Compact Wireless Speaker. Stream music effortlessly from your phone, or with the help of the Alexa virtual assistant. A great gift for anyone looking to bring great sound into their home.

Sonos can also sync with other compatible speakers for a unified listening experience.

For the fashionista

Smartwatches are all the rage this holiday season, but many shy away from the highest tech models to opt for a more chic accessory. TheĀ Michael Kors SmartwatchĀ is the best of both worlds providing gorgeous, fashionable details along with top quality digital functionality. A great gift for anyone looking to bring their accessories into the future of tech.

Compatible with Android and iOS, the Michael Kors Smartwatch will be a great gift for any tech savvy fashionista.

Whether they’re tweeting, texting, or scrolling through their favorite apps, we all know someone who is constantly on their mobile device. Help them keep scrolling in style even as the weather gets colder with these beautifulĀ Touchscreen Texting Gloves. Their fingertips will never get chilly again when using their phone on-the-go!

Touchscreen Texting Gloves are available with several lining and color options so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for the textually active fashionista in your life!

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