Are you looking for an awesome¬†gift that will “Wow” your girlfriend, but won’t break the bank? ¬†Or maybe you are just looking for something extra to make your gift a little bit special this year. The BA50 team has¬†compiled a list of some new and creative gifts for friends and family- for the Big 5-0…or for any year thereafter!


Stylish Smartphone Wallet  Carry less around and Save Your Back!
iphone 6 plus wallet whiskey


We haven’t met a mid-lifer yet who wouldn’t appreciate getting rid of the clutter in her¬†purse and most of us are¬†totally attached to our¬†smartphones! ¬†Give your girlfriend (or yourself) the gift of a little freedom. ¬†This Waxhaws Leather Co. Smartphone Wallet is perfect for anyone¬†who appreciates beautiful leather and cannot be more than an arm reach away from her phone. Available in most iPhone and Galaxy models. “iPhone 6+ shown here”. $88.00. ¬†BUY HERE.¬†


We Are Better After 50 Because…¬† The Absolutely, Perfect 50th Birthday Book!

 BA50 book

There simply cannot be a better book for a 50th birthday gift than this one! This book will have you and your girlfriends laughing and thrilled to be entering the best decade ever!’s¬†Ronna Benjamin and Felice Shapiro share their wit and observations of life after 50,¬†accompanied by¬†hysterical illustrations by Michelle Baron.¬†¬†You will want to get a one¬†for all your girlfriends, and at around¬†$12 per book, you can afford to!¬†BUY HERE.


Aroma Flavoring Fork  (A totally new twist to Foodie Fanaticism!)



A fun addition to dinner parties!¬†Explore the sense of smell’s role in taste and enjoy an enhanced dining experience with this innovative fork. While our taste buds can only recognize five primary tastes, our nose does the rest of the job. Twenty four oil essences of basil, banana, ginger, and more can be dropped individually on the fork’s absorbent scent pad. Once you lift the fork to eat your complementary foods, the scent hits the back of your throat just as the food is entering it, tricking your mind into tasting the combination.The Aroma R-EVOLUTION kit includes all you need to experiment with volatile flavoring. ¬†Fun, right? ¬† $44.99. *¬†BUY HERE


OM Meditation Bracelet  (A yoga inspired jewelry for your favorite yogi)

leather bracelet

Do you or your friend love yoga? ¬†This OM symbol is a nice reminder that we all need to slow down and take a deep breath occasionally. It represents the sound used in meditation by followers of eastern religion to express their “oneness” with all. Made of genuine leather. The OM symbol can be carved in any language. Namaste! $40.00. BUY HERE.


Shapewear That Respects Your Curves


Respect your curves while holding it all together and looking fantastic. The deJardim Collection will transform your figure and highlight those ‚Äėwanted‚Äô curves with their selection of butt lifters, waist cinchers, and full body slimmers that make women feel like a ‚Äėfirm-body‚Äô runway models. deJardim’s patented 4 way stretch gives you serious and sensuous control, and has moisture management that keeps you cool and dry. And…it’s beautiful! ¬†BUY HERE


Gemstones To Improve Your Life:  Pure Energy Bracelet




Soul Journey specializes in the spiritual power of gemstones to improve your life, as well as your look. These boho bracelets have a medley of jewels that work together to provide a complete embodiment of positive juju! Live life with a positive energy and embark on your amazing soul journey! Check out the entire collection.  $88.00. BUY HERE  Use BEST35 for the discount code at checkout for 35% off AND free shipping!


The Smartest¬†Travel Cosmetic Bag…ever!


Lay-n-Go COSMO Pink - Open and Closed - retouch-small


We found it…finally! ¬†No more dumping your collection onto a towel or having to worry about your cosmetics rolling off the counter and onto the floor. Cosmetic collections used on the Lay-n-Go surface are easily spread out on a clean, contained, and dry surface. Once you are done, pull the drawstring and the cosmetic bag is converted back into a completely sealed soft clutch. Lay-n-Go COSMO is a smart and easy 4-in-1 solution‚Ķ.clean surface, quick cleanup, carryall and storage. $34.95. BUY HERE.


Timeless and Elegant Jewelry by designer Gena Myint



Gena Myint keeps the everyday woman in mind by creating timeless, elegant and transitional pieces that can be worn from day to night and to any occasion. ¬†Her passion for jewelry started at a young age, crafting her own creations by gathering odds and ends from her grandmother’s workshop. ¬†Continuing her love for jewelry making, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has worked as a designer for various fashion labels.¬†All necklace and earring designs are inspired by her travels around the globe. ¬†Each piece is made to order, and hand crafted in New York City. ¬†Shown in picture above is a¬†Cluster of keshi pearls on 14kt gold vermeil plated over sterling silver ear wire hooks. 1″ drop, $38.00.¬†BUY HERE and for more jewelry designs click HERE.

Does Your Friend Have A Sense Of Humor?

shit ur old candles

These don’t really need an explanation…you can see for yourself…put them on the cake, light them up, and listen to the laughter! ¬†Totally worth it…only $6.00 from Sense and Humor¬†and you will love all their other hysterical gifts!

gLove Treat

gLove Treat GT_foot

gLOVE Treat is a paraffin enhanced wax treatment that comes in its own glove and boot system. It gives relief to those suffering with arthritis or that have sore stiff joints and muscles. No more need for a paraffin pot or hour long melt times. Place gLOVE Treat in the microwave and in 2 minutes you have a warm treatment that will last up to 15 minutes. Enhanced with Virgin Coconut oil our gLOVE Treat also moisturizes and treats dry, aged, and callused skin by softening and moisturizing up to 10 times longer than any lotion. We are one size fits all and a 4 time use product.  Use the code Bettersave15% and receive a 15 percent discount on our products through 2015!

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