I don’t always love the Grammy’s but I loved it this year. Did you see it? If you did, let’s reminisce right now, if not, here’s some links as to why we found this year’s Grammy’s so incredible.

First of all there was so much heart and celebration of our BA50 generation of songwriters. Watching Joni Mitchell sing “Both Sides Now” sitting regally, with her cane displayed like a scepter as she sat on a throne, surrounded by a choir of soulful singers set the stage. Her voice was deep and resonant and each word took on the meaning of the decades. The lyrics have stood the test of time but frankly as a reflection of the life of our folk Icon in her 80’s looking back they were prophetic and more poetic than I ever could have remembered.

Although you can’t find the full song yet, you can replay the whole Grammy’s on Paramount. But here’s a clip of Joni singing…


And then spirited Miley Cyrus dressed in 14,000 gold safety pins on the red carpet, the first of her fantastic outfit changes. Her hair was like Farah Fawcett’s all coiffed and big and her dress was a challenge to all you DIY artists. Here is a peak if you missed it.

Should we bring back our Farah Fawcett hair?


And then there was Luke Comb’s And Tracey Chapman Performing Fast Cars…. OMG incredible!

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