woman winkDid you know good sex is the key to good skin?

I didn’t.

But the other day, my 54 year-old dermatologist, (let’s call her Dr. O) who looks great for her age, (don’t you hate that part?) lectured me about the connection between sex and skin.

At first, I thought she was talking to me as a fellow writer since her agent is presently submitting her book, which has a section on the role of sex in one’s skin care routine.

But after a few minutes of her relentless zeal, (let’s just say she went so far as to mention an adult toy store on the upper east side) I started to feel uncomfortable.

Was she trying to tell me something?

And if so, what?

She was staring at me. Of course, she was. She’s my skin doctor!

But what was she surmising?

Did my skin look good, and so she assumed one thing, or did it look bad, and she assumed the other?

Finally, I blurted it out. “You’re not telling me this for any specific, PERSONAL, reason are you?

“Of course not,” she assured me.

I’d never heard that good sex correlates to good skin but in preparing for this post, I did some research. And it seems unanimous,

Good sex = Good skin. (And other things too.)

Relieves stress.
Reduces insomnia.
Lessens depression.
Alleviates pain.

And you might even live longer.

All of these are great, of course, but GOOD SKIN!!

That’s the important one!!

Early in my marriage, my husband and I argued about the temperature in our home. Being from New Orleans, and not used to freezing New York winters, I blasted the heat.

He, on the other hand, was always hot. And so the heat would go from 76 degrees when he wasn’t looking to 66 degrees when I wasn’t.

Back and forth we’d go, for years, until one day my brother-in-law came to visit. “It’s boiling in here,” he said. “You know how bad this is for your skin?”

And that was that. Our heat hasn’t been over 68 degrees since.

Need I say more?

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