Other than having a few speeches that really blew the roof off (say, Meryl Streep’s and Ryan Gosling’s), last night’s Golden Globes did not serve up the usual pomp and circumstance that these Hollywood award shows usually offer. The fashion, however, did not disappoint, and the BA50s especially earned points for their choices. (Okay, okay, SJP and Nicole Kidman, notwithstanding). Here, we collected some photos from Vogue in case you missed them.


08globefashion26-superjumboJulia Louis-Dreyfus always looks put together and polished.


Judith Light in a tiger-striped Balmain.


Golden Globe recipient Isabelle Huppert looked tres magnifique in her ensemble.



Goldie Hawn seemed a little ditzy, but she wasn’t when she chose her gown.



Viola Davis looked every bit the part of the winner that she was.



Bejeweled Meryl Streep made headlines for more than just her fashion. (Photo: Stylist.)



Angela Bassett looked more than pretty in pink.



Felicity Huffman bucked tradition and rocked a pantsuit.



Not sure whether Carrie Bradshaw would have approved of Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress.


And just in case you missed Meryl Streep’s speech, here it is (it was a show stopper):

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