Living a more sustainable and stylish life is so much more effortless than you think. These days, it’s out of style to carry around a plastic water bottle and create more waste on the earth. Go plastic free and do it in a fabulously trendy way with your own personalized water bottle or tumbler! These water containers are becoming as much of a necessity as having a phone because they are easy to refill, can be taken anywhere, and can make a statement about your personal style. From cool colors to eye-catching prints, shopping for a fabulous water bottle has become just as fun as adding a new pair of shoes to your wardrobe. Perfect for sports, hiking, work, or just everyday use – these large (or small) capacity water bottles are a must have! Here are some great options to stay hydrated in style! Shop our favorites right here!

HYDRO FLASK 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Cap Bottle, Main, color, ALPINE

Perfect for the trail, the beach or everyday use, this large-capacity bottle is a hydration must-have. The wide mouth makes refills a breeze, while TempShield™ protection keeps all your beverages the perfect temperature—hot or cold—for an extended period of time.

Hydro Flask $44.95

LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle, Main, color, HIMALAYAN PINK

Drink water confidently anywhere you go with this bottle that’s worry free, thanks to a self-cleaning mode that activates a purifying UV light every two hours.

LARQ $95

MOBOT Grace 27-Ounce Foam Roller Water Bottle, Main, color, CLAY

Perfect for everyday use and high-performance activity, this water bottle is designed to carry with you and help you roll out anywhere. The smallest MOBOT is great for targeted muscle release that might be harder to get to with a large foam roller. It’s the ideal size for a handbag and is also easy for kids to use.

MOBOT $49.99

BRÜMATE WINESULATOR<sup>™</sup> Wine Canteen, Alternate, color, GLITTER MERLOT

Wherever the sun takes you, this insulated bottle is designed to keep 25 ounces of your favorite wine in its ideal temperature range for over 24 hours. So you can ditch your clunky cooler and enjoy your cab or rosé in style.

BruMate $34.99

MIIR 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle, Main, color, SPARK

A sweatproof water bottle made with Thermo 3D™ Double Wall Vacuum Insulation reflects hot and cold temperatures back into the bottle instead of into the lid.

MiiR $39.95

S'WELL Traveler White Marble 16-Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Main, color, WHITE MARBLE

Inspired by the earth’s natural beauty, this marbled bottle is crafted from triple-walled stainless steel that’s ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip.

S’well $35

CORKCICLE Stemless Insulated Wine Glass, Main, color, UNICORN

Durability, performance and style come together in a sleek stemless wine glass made from proprietary triple insulated, vacuum-sealed stainless steel that keeps chilled drinks cold and warm ones hot. 

Corkcicle $27.95

S'WELL 18-Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler, Main, color, PINK

This no-sweat grip tumblr protects furniture from condensation rings, and the shatterproof design means you’re all set for campfires, barbecues and other outdoor adventures! Take this necessity anywhere!

S’well $30

HYDRO FLASK 10-Ounce Rocks Tumbler, Main, color, COBALT

Cheers to a fine day, whether at camp or just on the deck, with your favorite spirit poured into this double-walled tumbler. This is a handy and stylish must have for summer!

Hydro Flask $19.95

CORKCICLE Star Wars<sup>™</sup> Insulated Stainless Steel Canteen, Main, color, GOLD C-3PO

This insulated canteen is the perfect gift to put under your Star Wars fan’s tree. Durability, performance and style come together in a sleek stemless wine glass made from proprietary triple-insulated, vacuum-sealed stainless steel that keeps chilled drinks cold and warm ones hot.

Corkcicle $37.95

STOJO Collapsible 20-Ounce Travel Bottle, Alternate, color, LAGOON

Perfect for traveling or camping, this collapsible bottle is made from durable silicone and can be attached to a bag or belt loop when collapsed and not in use.

Stojo $25

S'WELL Traveler Blonde Wood 16-Ounce Insulated Traveler Bottle, Main, color, BLONDE WOOD

Inspired by the beauty of the world’s most picturesque forests, this woodgrain bottle is perfectly contoured to fit in your hand for on-the-go travel. 

S’well $35

KLEAN KANTEEN Package Free x  Klean Kanteen 18-Ounce Water Bottle, Main, color, STEEL

Designed in collaboration with Package Free, this lightweight bottle sustainably crafted from stainless steel provides a stylish alternative to plastic bottles.

Package Free $16

KLEAN KANTEEN Package Free x Klean Kanteen Insulated Reflect 20-Ounce Water Bottle, Main, color, STEEL

Say ‘so long’ to single-use plastic bottles with this sleek, insulated bottle made from stainless steel, food-grade silicone and sustainably harvested bamboo.

Package Free $41

S'WELL Stone Collection Pink Topaz 25-Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Main, color, PINK TOPAZ

Emulating the look and feel of a semiprecious gem, this bottle features an opaque finish and a durable, stone-like texture that provides added grip.

S’well $45

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