It’s those three-inch platform, cream-colored, lace, Stella McCartney runners that say it all. When I saw them in Nordstrom, they had my name all over them. I simply had to buy them. I can’t go out without someone commenting on them.

In fact, I get so many unsolicited comments on my outfits—I like to be very well put together—that if my partner is with me, he rolls his eyes and says, “Oh, please don’t encourage her.” This happens frequently in ski lineups as I receive many compliments on my Bogner, real-denim ski pants which are matched with a blue and white fur-lined jacket and a gold glitter COVID mask. Even a young, hip, male lifty once said, “Cool pants, man.”

Hell, once a Starbucks barista said she liked my eye make-up—just some purple glitter that went with my purple flowered mask and the rest of me, of course.

I am obsessed with my outfits, even in the time of COVID when there are basically no social events, I do go out to the grocery store and the gym. I put a lot of time and thought into what I wear. (Even my underwear matches.)

On Zoom I am conscious of what my neckline, earrings and makeup look like. And am loathe to wear the same outfit to the same Zoom group twice!

I love purple. On my dog walks I take along Rufus’ purple, Michael Kors dog purse (for his doggie bags, treats, whistle, and my lip gloss and phone).

I also love my very shabby, ripped, faded-denim, DulceBé jean-jacket adorned with rhinestones and pearls. When I wear it, my daughter likes to quote Dolly Parton: “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” It goes well with my tight, Joseph Ribkoff jeans adorned at the bottom with silver and pearl studs. I wear my purple Siste’s, made in Italy, top tucked under the ragged jean jacket. My Stella McCartney’s top off (er, top down) the look perfectly. In fact, that is what I am wearing in my promo photos on my website—in case this type of thing actually piques your interest.

As a fellow fashionista once said to me, “Go big or go home.”

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