2019 is going to be all about self love. So this Valentine’s Day, share the love and but yourself a sexy Valentine’s day as a gift of love for yourself. When you feel sexy and confident, everyone around you notices. Not to mention it’s a good start for you and your loved one. When the outfit you buy helps the planet as well … that’s perfect!

From decreasing the carbon footprint, to ensuring every pair of feet has a pair of shoes upon them, brands from all corners of the fashion universe are choosing to give back. And if they can, you can to.


Reformation is one of the most stylish, yet eco-friendly brands around. They give back to the community and the world by attempting to reduce our carbon footprint. From the materials they use to how they ship and distribute their products, they are 100% green. Their goal is to attempt to clean up the waste, water, and energy footprints left by the fashion industry. Try the Gavin Dress ($218.00), Marlon Pants ($158.00), Violet Blouse ($128.00).


Keep your loved one warm, and feeling generous in all things Patagonia this Valentines Day. They have also pledged to give back through the reduction of the carbon footprint left by the fashion industry. They’ve built repair centers around the world in order to increase the longevity of their products, as well as pledged $10 Million of their Black Friday sales income to grassroots environmental groups that make it their mission preserve and improve the planet. Try the Better Sweater Zip Pullover ($99.00), and the Snap T Fleece Pants ($79.00).


You’ll be surprised to know that one of thing that children most commonly grow up without is shoes. That is why the creator’s of Tom’s gives back to their community by giving a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. So, show some self love by gifting yourself a pair of shoes that won’t stop giving. Try the Alpargata Slip On ($69.00), or the Poppy Sandal ($53.96).

State Bags

State Bags is another brand that makes it their mission to make sure children have every opportunity available to them during their childhood. State Bags vows to donate fully stocked backpacks to children in need, as well as to organizations that shed light on social inequalities every time a bag is sold. Pack one up, and take it with you on an adventure with your loved one that will keep your heart full. Check out the Le Foulonne Leather Belt Bag ($185.00), or the Heights Mini Lorimer ($80.00).


Rothys mission is to create stylish, and comfortable shoes that are made from strictly recycled plastics. They aim to use virtually no waste during the entire creation and shipping process. Like so many others, this brand is working to create a smarter and cleaner way to make fashion affordable and eco friendly. Try the Persimmon Heel Stripe Flat ($125.00), or the Spotted Loafer ($165.00).

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