177254221Where’s the love in the world for gorgeous gray hair?

I am friends with a blonde girl. She is a naturally pale beautifully delicate blonde. She embraces her blondness with extreme joy, often playing the whole stereotyped hair color game of being “ditzy,” having more fun, and being a sexy bombshell with the skilled perfection of an academy award winner.

If hair color is really a window into the soul with brunettes being intelligent, clear-headed, and mysteriously sexy; black hair beauties being sultry and exotic; very sexy and gorgeously deep; redheads being hot in temperament and sexuality, burn easily when heated and are stubborn…THEN

Where do the gorgeous grays fit in?

Never mind that “old” business. Gray is a gorgeous transition and needs to be properly recognized. It’s time a new precedent be set for the grays of the world.

Above all, grays have gumption.  They are not mousy.  They are not waiting to dye.  They are in charge taking control of having the best time ever.  They are elegant, refined and tell dirty jokes when least expected.  They go for quirkiness and are unafraid of personal consequences. After all, grays know life is about living dreams without fear binding them.

Grays are the trendsetters of the world:  the wisdom seekers and “grayt” thinkers.  They are movers, shakers, and aren’t afraid to be seen for who they truly are. Grays are unafraid of age numbers and proudly display their heady persona. Gray is not just a neutral or the new black, blonde, brunette, or red; it’s a color earned of heredity and longevity.  It’s a no-nonsense color which goes with everything and everyone. It’s resistant and wiry and full of texture.  It’s full of a well-earned life and deserves its rightful respect and admiration.  Grays are not afraid of “dyeing,” but choose to live gray. Grays are simply those who are self-assured and proud of their moment in time.  They choose to live their life transparent, honestly displaying their elegance and joie de vivre for all to enjoy.

Go Gray!

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