I met a woman in the locker room at our golf club a few weeks ago. She had just worked out. It was one of those days where exercising inside was the best we could do.

Spring this year was a bust except for my peonies. The Hunter rubber boots and North Face rain shell were the go to gear this season. Lingering in the locker room after a work out was becoming my cool down.

That day the locker room was empty for some reason and I was enjoying the quiet of working on this blog. When I looked up I saw a woman had come in and was scanning the coffee and snack offerings.

“How was your golf, I can’t believe you went out in that rain?” Although deep into work mode, it seemed rude to ignore her, but I certainly wasn’t looking for a bigger conversation.

She cheerily answered, “It was great.” She told me she had played a few holes between the raindrops.

There was something about her that made it easy to drop my work and engage a bit more.

Although she was on her way out, she lingered a bit longer. We did the usual meet and greet dance but quickly moved into better terrain…

”Name? Where Do you Live?” …and that’s where the connection started.

It turned out we were both straddling between Boston and New York. We were both empty nesters with children on the west coast, both in entertainment. She had put her first marriage behind, and I was well into my second marriage. We shared those stories.

We both felt downright excited to meet each other. In just a few minutes. our discovery dance had led us through the foyer of friendship and toward a long hallway with no end in site.

We agreed to meet for drinks the next week but only after revealing that we were both Sagittarians with birthdays just one day apart.

When I left the locker room, I truly had a little spring in my step. Somehow this chance meeting with a potential new friend felt as close to dating as anything I had ever felt. It seemed like there was room for this woman in my life. I love the friends I have and barely have enough time to see them…and yet, there was still room.

The next week my new friend and I met for a drink at The Charles Hotel. It was 5pm and we each only had an hour before our next commitment.

Sitting on bar stools, we ordered our drinks. We had met in our work out clothes and now we were in more professional clothing. And so we did the ritual girlfriend dance.

“I love your earrings…and where did you get that dress… that‘s a great color.” Compliments felt generous and somehow not saccharine and flowed easily. She admired my bracelets – my BA50 girlfriend bracelets.

And then we talked about our interests, music and work. We laughed, she helped me brainstorm an idea, I gave her feedback on a new project. We were in the discovery stage and in a nano-second our hour was up.

I slipped off my girlfriend bracelets and put them on her wrist. She was thrilled. We made our next plan, a golf game…a concert… not set in stone…with the possibility that it may not work. Easy, no pressure, just fun!

We hugged goodbye acknowledging this had been a great date..

By the way she texted me from a concert a few days later to tell me she was wearing my bracelets and loved them.

How fun is that?


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