During this holiday season, there is so much to be thankful for. Whether it’s your family, your friends, or your health, Thanksgiving allows us to do as the Pilgrims did and truly appreciate all of the wonderful things we have in our lives.

However, there is one person we all must truly be thankful for: an unsung hero who wears no cape, but certainly deserves one for all the work they put in to make this amazing day full of family and good food happen. That person…is the thanksgiving host.

BA50 wants to help you find the perfect gift to thank your host properly. Here are some of our top picks!

At large family gatherings where tensions are high, and hungry bellies must be kept at bay, the perfect solution is always a good bottle of wine. Unfortunately, big bottles can get messy. Never fear! The Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter is here! It’s clear, timeless design allows for an elegant look that a regular bottle can’t provide. The base design allows for an easy grip. Most importantly, you can see when the bottle is almost finished!

To a host, presentation is everything. So, what better way to help your host than to bring a them a beautiful serving platter to impress even the most critical of relatives? The Sweese Three Tiered Serving Platter will not only create 3 levels of festive culinary organization, all of which can be used to create the most optimal serving experience, but it’s sleek design allows it to be used all year long. For your classic hosts, the Ceramic Platter with embellished rim will be perfect.

A good salad bowl makes a great gift. The salads and side dishes need to look good too, you know! The Bekmore Acrylic Stackable Bowl Set is a BA50 favorite. Your host will be thankful for the durable acrylic. For hosts that are a little more risky, Packs Dowan Porcelain Serving Bowl is sure to be a staple at every thanksgiving.

At the end of the meal, hosts are tasked with making sure everyone goes home with a little piece of the thanksgiving meal to be enjoyed even after the holiday. To ensure that your doggy bag is the top priority, gift your host the 12 Pack Food Storage Containers from Amazon. These A plus tupperwares with leak proof, snap and lock lids will keep your thanksgiving leftovers tasting great for days! And your host will appreciate how perfectly food is stored within their refrigerator.

Since Thanksgiving falls between two other major holidays, the decorations sometimes get left behind. Everyone wants amazing spiderwebs for Halloween, and a classic blow up Santa Claus climbing through the chimney for Christmas, but a lot of hosts forget about Thanksgiving! That is where you come in. Some simple Goer Thanksgiving Spirals to attach to ceilings and tables will be perfect for your host to decorate all rooms of the house. Or, allow your host to bring the beautiful fall foliage inside with the Vonderso Decoration Leaves. An added bonus is that they are reusable!

The great thing about Thanksgiving, besides the food, is that it brings people together. To keep the family fun going before, during, and after the meal, try gifting one of BA50’s favorite games! Telestrations, the hilarious game that combines Telephone and Pictionary, is perfect for all ages; it’s sure to keep your family laughing all night long, and get your host out of the kitchen and spending time with everyone. Don’t want to deal with pesky game pieces? Does your host have more family members than the game has players? An amazing gaming gift substitute is “Unplug and Play: 50 Original Group Games that Don’t Need Charging.” This book contains 50 original games that only require pens, paper, and participants! BA50 encourages you to get your family off their phones, and around the table for some technology free fun this holiday season.

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