Anytime anyone asks what I want for the holidays, my answer is the same: A spa treatment. Sure, I love jewelry and makeup and wine and clothes and shoes (yes, shoes!!!!), but honestly, time alone to be kneaded and pampered and to lounge in a robe is the best gift of all. It’s my therapy, my way to recharge my body, mind and spirit, and often my gift to myself.

With the holiday season upon us, here are some other ideas of Gifts to give Yourself. After all, you deserve it, Dahlink….

 The Gift of Time: Give yourself permission NOT to do the laundry one week or NOT clean the house…and just do what you want to do, like going to yoga class or chatting on the phone with a friend. Cut back on extra-curricular activities and facebook “suck you in” time and learn how to say ‘no.’

The Gift of Tears: There’s a saying that a good belly laugh lives on the other side of a good cry. Crying helps to clean out the mind, re-energize the body, and rejuvenate the spirit. If you need a jolt, rent a sad movie to give your tears a nudge.

The Gift of Laughter: Unlike young children, who studies have shown laugh 300 times a day, adults only laugh about l5 times a day. Studies have further shown that laughter can decrease pain, increase endorphins, and lowers blood pressure. Plus: it makes you feel better. Google some jokes or find some reruns of comedy sitcoms on TV Land. Or go back to your old photo albums and look at your 80s-style hair.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Call or email an old friend, “Google” a former flame, or dig out photo albums and get those warm, fuzzy feelings by reliving your wedding day or honeymoon, or even looking at pictures of relatives who may have passed on.

The Gift of Music: It’s amazing how good you feel when you put on music and shake your booty. Get your kids involved — or your husband — or just do it alone — and watch your stress melt away. Music goes to your soul — an old rock and roll tune from childhood can help make you feel like you’re l6 again.

The Gift of Flowers: This small indulgence or makes you smile from the inside-out. (Hint: I love sunflowers!)

The Gift of Solitude: Separate from the chaos of everyday life and really hear yourself and your needs. Turn off the phone, TV, computer and concentrate on YOU– even if it’s just for five minutes. Permit yourself time alone to think/read/relax/meditate/nap!

The Gift of Friendship: Invite someone new to lunch or coffee. Expand and widen your circle of friends. Look for relationships that support, excite and inspire you, and challenge you to be your best. Look for local clubs or organizations you can join to widen your community. Or invite several friends over for wine and ask them to bring someone new along.

The Gift of Reinvention: Fuel your spirit by doing something you might never have done before, such as buying a cleavage revealing shirt, or getting highlights in your hair, or something else wild and extravagant. Send yourself gorgeous flowers. Buy yourself silk sheets.  Go to a restaurant and pretend it’s your birthday and let them bring out a cake and sing to you. Try something you’ve never done before — or something you’ve been thinking of doing. Search your heart and help discover your unfulfilled desires.

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