New Year’s Resolutions are made with the best intentions. At BA50 we know everyone needs some help to achieve our goals. Here are fun, fabulous and clever products that will help you keep your resolutions!


The Ultimate Yogi 12-Disc Set: Transform Your Body And Mind in 108 Days

Ultimate Yogi

The Ultimate Yogi is the most comprehensive yoga DVD set on the market featuring renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot. This is what yoga is all about! Participants experience an exponential increase in flexibility, balance, strength, vitality, muscle tone and weight loss, and reduction of stress. What a great way to start off the new year! Namaste. $108.00. Purchase here. Use this coupon code for 20% off: AFTER50 

Best Weight Loss Guide For Over 50

Break Up With Your Fat
Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you‚Äôre over 50 and trying to split up with your fat. It won‚Äôt go without a fight. But the good news is you CAN do it if you take the right approach. In¬†Break Up With Your Fat After 50¬†Linda Melone shares the best tips she‚Äôs learned from 15 years as a personal trainer, and through personal experience. Her approach doesn‚Äôt involve dieting or crazy workouts ‚Äď just real advice that works. You can buy this 30-page eBook for less than a pound of Starbucks coffee: $7.99. So grab your copy today¬†and kick fat to the curb! $7.99. Purchase here.

Best At Home Gym System: Forget Joining the Gym and Buy This

journey gym - The Health And Fitness System For The Rest Of Us (1)
Health Is A Journey System is a health and fitness system targeting those of us who have not, and will not, join a gym. What makes this system so effective are 5 key elements: TIME Рthe  workouts are 5 to 20 minutes and utilize Gradually Ramping Interval Training, provably the most effective way to workout.  SUPPORT Р system includes online support from trainers, medical and wellness professionals. RESULTS Р customers workout an average of 85 minutes a week and lose as much as 25-40 lbs., 25-35% of body fat, 20-25 inches in just 10 weeks!  SUCCESS Рsystem starts at 5 minutes a day, 2 to 3 days a week, and gradually ramps while teaching you how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  COST Рthe system is affordable!

Click here to view website and purchase. 

Pep Up Your Water Bottle with a Citrus Zinger


The Citrus Zinger offers an easy way to extract juice and flavor from citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle. The specially designed bottle is the simplest, most convenient way to make lemon water that will detoxify, alkalize your system, and will make  increasing your daily water intake delicious and fun! $15.99. Purchase here.


Best Produce Storage System: Naturally Keeps Fruits & Veggies Fresher Longer

BluApple New Counter Mat working v1 08-29-14

Everyone who buys fruits and vegetables needs a Bluapple, they just don‚Äôt know it. Most people do not know that their produce emits ethylene gas, a gas that signals produce to ripen and eventually spoil.¬†Bluapple¬ģ is designed to effectively absorb this¬† ethylene gas. Each individual packet lasts up to 3 months, keeping food fresh and healthy in your refrigerator. Click here to view website for entire product line and purchase. Order today with this link, and save $1 when you use the coupon code, BA50.


Run With Confidence: Your Running Shoes May No Longer Be Safe


Do you know when your running shoes are worn out? Trust us, it’s not when you want a new cute pair! Modern running shoes wear and tear from the inside out because the shock-absorbing foam degrades quicker than the soles wear off. The mino automatically tracks the compressive degradation of the shoe as you run and a progressive set of lights show you when you’ve reached the end.¬† It will keep you running safe and worry-free. $11.99. Purchase here.

Portion Out Your Meals

Take control of your meal portions. This OXO Good Grips Healthy Portions Analog Scale will help you plan every meal.¬†Whether you’re a healthy eater or giving a diet a go, this scale is the perfect companion for portioning at home or to go. The angled surface of the scale makes it easy to read from above and the sliding tab easily allows you to zero the scale to add additional ingredients. $12.99. Purchase here.

Bright And Colorful Yoga Mats: A BA50 Favorite Brand


Jade is everything you want in a yoga mat ‚Äď cool colors, incredible grip, great comfort and eco-friendly.¬† Jade mats are made sustainable with natural rubber is tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource and unlike other mats contains no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber and are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws.¬† And, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold. BUY HERE

Togetherfarm Blocks: Fantastic Build Your Own Garden System

Togetherfarm Blocks is a modular raised bed system that makes building your own garden fun and easy.  Made of recycled polypropylene, the Blocks are food-safe, free of BPA and phthalates.  No tools are required to assemble your garden in 5-minutes or less!  Available in multiple color options: Earth Brown, Slate Grey, Mosaic (mixed colors).  Each kit comes with 24-Blocks, enough to build 4-square feet of garden space 6-inches tall.  Combine multiple kits to create your own unique garden layout that can be reconfigured year after year!  Togetherfarm Blocks are 100% made in the USA.
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