My life has changed for the better since I threw out my bulky terry towels and invested in a few of these¬†elegant, ultra-absorbent Turkish towels. Because they’re woven really finely in Aegean cotton,¬†they’re thinner, softer, and take up less space. They also dry super fast, and just look great hung up in my bathroom. Another major, major bonus is that they produce none of the horrible dust and allergens that ordinary towels do (the stuff I mentioned above that makes terrible air quality). Top tip: Use one as a throw or blanket to get extra use out of them. Love the versatility!

So I love wine, and totally consider myself an expert on it. My glass of choice? Zalto. Each glass is hand-blown by a family who’ve produced beautiful crystal for six generations, and designed with a special bowl tilted to 24, 48 and 72 degrees‚ÄĒthe ‚Äėmagic‚Äô numbers needed to enhance the bouquet of literally anywine. And I’m not the only super-fan‚ÄĒboth Wall Street Journal and famed sommelier Aldo Sohm have given their seal of approval.


I love entertaining friends, and they’re always impressed when I present their drinks with¬†these¬†cool little orbs of ice.¬†But how, you ask?¬†This award-winning¬†ice ball maker[LINK] makes¬†perfectly-formed ice spheres (without annoying cracks like in regular molds) that chill all drinks without diluting the flavor. They’re also an ideal gift for whiskey connoisseurs, just so you know ūüėČ

You know when you bring your fall wardrobe out of storage and it has that weird, slightly musty odor to it? Well, these beautiful handcrafted hanger covers are made from linen and silk, then scented with lavender or cedar to freshen the hell out of everything in sight. A must-have for every season, really.


I recently rested replacing coffee with¬†matcha tea for my daily energy boost.¬†While coffee generally gives me the jitters and has questionable benefits, matcha is high in antioxidants and boosts memory, increases energy and concentration, detoxifies your system and even burns calories (now¬†you’re listening!). My Japanese friends swear by it, and this beautiful kit has everything you need to start a fabulous new routine.

I discovered this product years ago when it became a national massive trend (on the order of “crocs”) in Sweden. Why? Daily acupressure. At the end of a tough day,¬†I lie for 20 minutes on this mat, and afterwards, I feel like I¬†just received a Japanese shiatsu massage! Again, these products have been used in Asia for thousands of years. Used over time, it¬†improves circulation, lowers high blood pressure and reduces stress. You have to try it.

This one is my favorite time saver! We all have bad hair days and very little time. This heated ceramic brush straightens and get rid of frizz for all your busy mornings. Just brush, and ditch your straightening iron. Currently flying off the shelves!

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