With summer just around the corner, many if us are going to start inviting our friends and family round for barbeques and days in the sunshine. But, is your backyard summer ready?

A messy, unloved space is bound to be a mood-killer for your party. If you haven’t touched your garden since summer last year, maybe now’s the time to get on with it and prepare yourselves for a summer of entertaining.

Show your lawn some TLC

A well looked after and neatly mowed lawn is the key for a beautiful yard, so you want to make sure yours is in a tip top condition. Be sure to mow, rake or even replant seeds where patches have gone yellow or died off. It is also a good idea to invest in a weed control product for the summer months as this can very quickly get out of hand.

Clean up your summer essentials

Garden furniture: If you have an outdoor decking area with sofas, chairs and tables on them you need to make sure they pristine for everyone to sit on and enjoy. It’s time to get washing and scrubbing.

Barbecues: Depending on what sort of barbeque you have in your yard, it can be a bit difficult to clean if it has been affected by any hard winter weather conditions. If you have BBQ Island, you’ll have no doubt kept it covered in the winter and it’ll just need a quick clean for it to be ready for your backyard cookouts.

Treat the fence

Your fence can look a little tired and worn out due to the winter months. So, before the summer hits, it is a good idea for you to give your fence a little revamp, using a lick of paint. Choose whatever you colour you want to give your yard a new lease of life and a fresh feel. Painting this now will protect it from the elements in the winter too.

Get out the tools and sort your plants and flowers out

Once your lawn is in good shape, focus on giving some attention to your plants, flowers and bushes. Trim back any plants that need a tidy up and think about adding new colours to your beds if you want a fresh look for the garden this summer.

Prep the fire pit

When it comes to winding down after a day of entertaining, drinking and eating great food it can be nice to sit by fire pit when it becomes cooler. Be sure to have yours cleaned up and stocked with wood so you’re ready to go when needed.

Summer is the time to be kicking back and indulging in what you really love to do in your backyard, whether its cooking, sunbathing or socializing for the first time in a very long time – you should be able to do it all in a beautiful space. So make sure you put these tips to the test in the lead up to summer so that you can focus on all of the fun stuff.



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