too many choicesYour home is your palace – the place you return to after a hard day’s work or leisure activities; the sanctuary you seek when everything else seems all too overwhelming. Regardless of how long you’ve lived there, your home is no doubt a reflection of your character, passions and ambitions. It’s a safe place for the many keepsakes you’ve collected along the way, and a canvas upon which your creativity can flow. Keeping up with the decorating can seem a mammoth task at times, particularly when you fancy a complete change. However, giving your home the decor it deserves might be easier than you think…

Six ways to get creative with your home decor

Whether you’re transforming corners of your home with soft furnishings and fabric or repurposing an item you’ve found at a flea market or junkyard, few endeavors are quite as satisfying as spending the day breathing new life into tired interiors and accessories. With that thought in mind, we’ve compiled a list of six ways you can get creative with your home decor; well, don’t we all deserve to feel inspired from time to time? This list is by no means exhaustive, and serves only as a starting point – the direction you head in next is completely up to you…

Seek inspiration wherever you can

When it comes to home decor, the sky really is the limit; there’s inspiration to be found everywhere, whether you’re peeking into store windows, browsing endless online catalogues or staring enviously at the many, many Pinterest boards that you’ve saved to devour later. Treat the world as your mood board, and every open browser tab as a bookmark for your next adventure. What colors are trending? Which accessories are the most popular among your favorite celebrities and influencers? Browse home showrooms, become accustomed to seeking out and buying the latest issues of interior design magazines, and for goodness sake, get yourself an Instagram account. Your home is a blank canvas, and the world your inspiration; get out there and see what captures your imagination.

Be brave with color and texture

If you’re to get truly creative with your home decor, you should probably prepare yourself for a few changes here and there. Have you always lived with white, beige or cream walls, content with their warmth and safety? Now is the perfect time to consider adding a feature wall or colored borders, which are sure to spice up your interiors. Pantone’s color of the year is Ultra Violet, a ‘complex and contemplative’ shade of purple that inspires thought and imagination. Iridescent materials and intense shades are also predicted to be trending over the coming 12 months, ensuring you’re never short of motivation to be more creative. You might also want to consider blending textures within your home; pair wooden flooring with rich, soft rugs, and painted walls with exposed brick and stonework for a look that screams diversity.

Organize your clutter

The old saying goes ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ and fewer sentiments are as true when it comes to creative home decor. You cannot expect to embrace your creativity if your home is cluttered with boxes, items you no longer want, need or use, and paperwork you’ve yet to file away. So, where do you start? Under-the-stair storage, decorative treasure chests and hanging baskets are fantastic for storing clutter in a clean, stylish manner, while floating shelves can breathe new life into ornaments and personal belongings. Ensure you’re using every corner of your home to its full potential in order to create a clear, clutter-free canvas from which to start your interior design dreams. Oh, and get into the habit of tidying post and personal effects away as soon as you’re finished with them; cleanliness begins with good habits.

Don’t forget your windows

The way that you harness light and invite it into your home will say a lot about the kind of place you’re creating. Are you a curtains and drapes kind of a gal, using fabric to decorate your home and shut out the evening, or do you yearn for something altogether different? Curtains can add color and texture to any home, but there are some truly inspiring ways to manage light and decorate your home in the process. Take wooden and decorative shutters, for example. The presence of shutters can inspire a vintage, rustic feel, and transport you into a Grecian villa or homely countryside cottage; there are so many styles, colors and materials to choose from. What’s more, they’re a great way to control the flow of light and heat into and around your home. Before you begin redecorating, seek out a shutter guide that will help you to decide how to make the most of your home’s decor.

Embrace upcycling and shabby chic

There’s a reason that upcycling is so popular these days. The process of reclaiming items from junkyards, flea markets and antiques shops, and repurposing them to suit your home will result in furniture and accessories that are unique and stylish, while saving you a pretty penny into the bargain. There’s also a lot to be said for the sense of achievement that you’ll experience upon the completion of your project; few things allow you to harness your creativity quite like the ability to sand, wax and paint items until they’re as good as new. Pre-loved and repurposed furniture will add a whole new dimension to your home, and inspire new color schemes and arrangements that transform your home. The Internet is heaving with upcycling tutorials that will stimulate your creative and environmentally conscious sides.

Personalize your home with reminders of your travels

You’ve chosen your color scheme, reupholstered your furniture and thought about introducing new textures, but have you considered how you might inject your character into every crevice and nook? Creativity begins within, meaning that your home could really benefit from a few personal effects here and there. Your home is your palace, after all. How could you display your favorite items in such a way as to inspire others? Keepsakes from your travels, including fabrics, ornaments, postcards and souvenirs, will brighten your home and continue a theme, while photographs, items of clothing made into a comforter, and remnants from your past will remind you where you are – and where you’ve come from. Don’t be afraid to repurpose those items either; upcycling doesn’t have to begin with a shop-bought item.

Redecorating your home needn’t be the daunting challenge that it probably appears – particularly when you’re allowing your imagination and eye for detail lead the way. Let current trends and color palettes influence the shades, textures and accessories that will pepper your home, but never lose sight of the character you’ve become – or the kind of haven you’d like to emulate. Your imagination is a wonderful thing, inspiring the decisions you make and the adventures you enjoy. Getting creative with your home decor is just one more way to harness its potential.

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