get your sexy on“Clothes make the man,” as Mark Twain said. I could argue both sides of the clothing self-image issue. But for today I am advocating that you begin to dress like the sexy woman you are. And want to be. I recently gave myself permission to act and feel as sexy as I want. No need for approval, no need to have a man to dress up for.

I will do that by dressing in a way that feels good and encourages the playful, feminine me.  I’m not talking about going to business meetings in a push-up bra under a tight sweater. I’m talking about finding the kind of clothes, lingerie, and accessories that make me feel good. It could be anything and for each of us that will differ. Some women feel fabulous wearing jewelry or draping a silky shawl over bare shoulders. Some women wear sexy lingerie under their tailored work attire. It’s a matter of personal taste.

How many of us walk around our homes in shapeless, “comfy” clothes?  My hand is raised. How easy is it to feel sexy when we’re draped in dull baggy clothing? Do you have a silky outfit, a certain blouse or piece of lingerie that makes you feel fabulous? Yes? What are you saving it for?

I think some of us have the dress-up thing all wrong. We save it for special occasions. We wait for our invitation to the ball. I’m suggesting you get everyday sexy all on our own—just for you.

I’ve found that feeling sexy increases my energy and actually improves my creativity and my attention span. So, I’m going to start incorporating sexier looks into my daily dress.

Creating a New Sexy Wardrobe

  1. I plan to purchase a stretchy corset or bustier-like top, which is easier to get into and wear than an actual lace-up corset. Initially it might only be for me to wear in private until I get up the nerve to wear it out. Maybe under a jean jacket or a nice black jacket.
  2. I just bought a luscious new robe that blended practicality with warmth—by Natori, in a deep purple. But I realize that a sexy kimono would make me feel less matronly. And when summer comes? Topless with a sarong? Why not? I live on a wooded lot!
  3. Undies! I’m in dire need of new panties. I want a few lacy delights to wear under my traditional clothes for those times when I’m going out. Or just to wear around the house. Lacy boy panties? Sheer black?
  4. Maybe I’ll start wearing that black velvet top I save for parties—it can be dressed down to wear at other times. And what about the sheer zebra striped blouse—worn with a black bra underneath or a sexy cami?

The L’Oreal byline, “I’m worth it” is a bit overplayed, but it works here. We are worth it. And we deserve to have fun, to explore our sexy side.  For me this is about expanding my sense of self and owning my sensuous side. Why limit our look to the few moments of undressing before tumbling in to bed with a lover? Why must we restrict sensual pleasures to certain times and occasions?

What do you do to feel more sensuous in your body? Do you have a sexy little outfit or article of clothing that gets you all juiced up and energized?

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