Every season women are accosted with the season’s trends, some of which should be forgotten as quickly as the perm you got in the 70’s! As empowered women over 50, we need to revise these trends and shoot for a timeless chic, where we wear the trends but the trends don’t wear us. If you are like me, perhaps you already know this seasons buzzwords: Culottes, anything white, block sandals, metallic, floral, sheer.  Here are some fun ideas for spring– and a caution about what not to wear, even though you might be tempted!


White is Bright. White is clean, simple and elegant. It is the color of the promise of warmer weather and summer. I know BA50 has had some back and forth from other fashion writers as to whether or not the BA50 crowd should wear white jeans, but I say it is a must!  Invest in a new pair of white jeans this spring. Look for a lightweight fabrication with stretch– AKA cotton with lycra. You will reach for these again and again. Ideally grab a skinny pair and a bootleg version.

Another VERY important white must: there is nothing better than a few new white t-shirts. It’s always good to have a long one in case you want to belt it and one that you can tuck into a pair of jeans.

Important Note on White:  When you are doing your spring closet overhaul, discard anything white that is dingy looking (or has yellow stains under the armpit).


Whether it is a bag, scarf, belt or shoe, you can’t go wrong with a white investment (see a theme here?)

This understated white rattan Clare Vivier Clutch from Saks is $165.00.




Throw on a colorful patterned scarf on and you have a new crisp spring look.  This one is from J. Crew.



Shoes:  City Sandals.  Far more comfortable than the eternally sexy stiletto, you can dress these sophisticated showstoppers up or down. This is where you would throw in some metallic for an on trend look. If you are not pedi ready for open toes yet, look for a silver metallic pointy flat like these from Nordstrom.


I love flowers. They are colorful, feminine and pretty. In a vase, the more the merrier, however, on your body less is more. Invest in one or two floral pieces. Floral pumps are fabulous and they can completely change the look of anything from a LBD to your favorite pair of jeans. These can be pricey if you are looking at the Manolo version but there are some great alternatives. The ones below are on Zappos for $99.95.



Finally, tops that have a bit of sheerness are a definite must have for spring. This is a rich and sexy look.  Obviously the sheerness must be in the appropriate places and must have equally appropriate undergarments. If you are going to wear it, wear it with confidence or not at all. If you are reading this and saying to yourself no way in hell, way too revealing, what is this woman thinking?  I am not talking about the trashy, OMG cover her up blouse, but a sheer confection that resembles the one below from Eileen Fisher’s Spring Collection.


sheer blouse back

What I love about this blouse is that is that is completely covers you, but is oh so very sexy. And what woman doesn’t want to feel sexy at least once in a while?


Culottes [koo-lots]:   women’s trousers, usually knee-length or calf-length, cut full to resemble a skirt.

They weren’t flattering in the 70’s, nor will they ever be. The proportion of these pants comme skirts make it an impossible style to carry off. Leave it to Giselle or your daughter. In case you are still not sure what Culottes look like take a peak at these. When you see them on your next shopping adventure run fast and don’t look back.


bad pants


The bottom line? Get out there and treat yourself to something that makes you feel as gorgeous on the outside as you are on the inside, and have fun.

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