Meet the Tipsy’s From Western New York who I ran into in Park City who are an inspiration. They were a hoot and we talked for quite awhile and were happy to go on video to share.

If you watched this and are thinking – that looks like so much fun, I would love to do something like that with a group of women — you maybe a Fun Climber and that’s a good thing especially if you act on it.

Social climbing is not an admitted aspiration — in fact being called a social climber is a slur. Who would ever want that label? Most people would defend themselves if accused of social climbing and may deftly reassign that label to being a connector or a networker, but never would anyone embrace being a social climber.

But hold on — it appears there is some new social trend that’s happening in the after 50 and  60 set. There is a shift in our socializing. Our motivations and priorities for connections with new friends and old have shifted. 

While raising our kids we socialized around our kids’ play dates, met other parents at little leagues and high school games. We socialized through our business work, or our community work or our neighbors.  This is what was relatable back then. Those connections and friendships had to adapt to our crazy work  and family schedules. 

But then — the kids left, we were empty nested and how we spent our time shifted. So for most of us in our 50’s and 60’s our priorities changed again. Many of us had more time to play games, travel, go back to school. The choices we made at this stage were different and so who we wanted to spend our time with changed as well.

Now the time for new friends needs some attention and perhaps reinvention.

When it comes to a fun time for women – women’s group play: hikes, ski groups, bike rides, morning walks, pickle ball games, canasta groups or golf outings …the refrain is loud and clear…Girls Just Want To Have Fun. And in the pursuit of these activities, the term Fun Climbing has been tested and seems to always gets a nod and a chuckle.  It turns out Fun Climbers are a thing. 

Bottom line: if you like to be active, you need to find people to be active with. And, if your social circle you have so enjoyed for the past 10 years may have slowed down, you need to find some new playmates…that’s where Fun Climbing serves a purpose.

“She’s a Fun Climber, she’s always trying to put together yoga groups, or pickle ball parties, or she always wants  to invite a group over for wine and dancing in the living room.” If  that’s someone you want to meet, you may be a Fun Climber. 

Are you looking for a new book group, a walking group, people to travel with who share your interests.. well do not delay. Do It! There’s no time like now to shape your precious time. You’re in charge of you and there are plenty of fun climbers looking for the same thing.

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