It’s almost July, have you hit the beach yet? Whether you have a fun family vacation planned or you just want to go for the day, a beach outing is always a relaxing time to soak up the sun. What’s even better than having a cute bathing suit picked out? A great beach towel to go with it! If you’re like me, you’ve been using the same beach towels for about 15 years now, which got me thinking, maybe it’s time to invest in a new one. Lucky for me and for all of you out there looking to replace your beach towels, there are so many cute prints and patterns to choose from. Here are some of our top picks for our next beach trip!

For the most quintessential nautical feel, this ‘ocean blue’ striped towel can be used as a blanket, tablecloth, or towel. Linum Home Textiles Towel – $25.50

Sticking with the summer vibes, nothing screams tropical vacay like this pineapple print towel. Anthropologie Beach Towel – $58.00The best part of this beach towel? It’s actually a set and comes with two adorably printed towels, one with watermelons and the other with flamingos! Betsey Johnson Set of 2 Towels – $39.99

An elegant yet very practical option, this oversized beach towel is ideal for the beach to keep you and your belongings sand-free. Anthropologie Paisley Beach Towel – $58.00

Ever lost track of whose towel belongs to who? Gift everyone in the family his/her own monogrammed beach towel. Cathy’s Concepts Monogram Towel – $30.40

Adorned with tiny tassels, this Aztec print towel comes in 3 vibrant shades that all scream summer! John Robshaw Beach Towel – $80.00This beach towel pretty much says it all. ‘See you at the pool’ are the exact words we want to live our summer by and having it in writing makes it that much easier to follow! Towel – $39.99

This ‘hot dog’ towel was too cute not to include on our list, especially for all you puppy lovers out there. Ted Baker Beach Towel – $52.00

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