This past week in my blogging group I gave a writing prompt about friendship. Most of what you will read this week reflects a variety of stories on this theme which are incredibly relatable. Whether we are celebrating the joy of being with our friends, experiencing longing for a lost best friend, or musing about how friendships affect our happiness, this is a topic that women think about and talk about through their lives.

I don’t think anyone would dispute that life is better shared with a good friend. During this summer of 2020, most people felt it was easier to find friends to do activities as outdoor options abounded  but winter foreshadows a different story. After last spring’s experience, we are well aware we will have to make an effort to find ways to connect with our friends.

One truth appears to be universal for women, we feel better when we have a friend we care deeply about and who cares about us. Some of us love the energy of big groups, others are content with one on one time. Whatever the preference, it takes effort to connect during Covid.

So, as we move into the cool weather months, for many of us that means like bears, we are moving into a form of quiet and isolation and the question is, what is the best way to stay connected to our friends.

So here are a few ideas that could make winter time a little more upbeat during this Pandemic.

Get outdoors as much as possible even in the cold weather. If you are in a colder climate,  invest in headlamps and snowshoes. Think ahead about activities you can do at night outside with friends.

Not everyone has a fire pit or a place for it or an outdoor heater but if you have a friend who has one, make sure to invite yourself over.

Snowstorms can be fun. Make sure you have Yak Tracks, snow shoes, cross country skies and lots of layers. Invest in long underwear and warm clothes. You can have fun with your friends outside if you have the right equipment.

Make and= outdoor hot chocolate cafe in your neighborhood and invite others to bring a folding chair and a blanket and visit before dinner or after.

Bring your music outside and make a dance party with friends. Even if people are shy, they may just have to move to stay warm and this could be a blast.

Create an outdoor living room. Set up some cool outdoor lights and drag your chairs outside and create a festive winter patio.

Walking groups in winter. Make sure you plan for some walks with friends. Don’t let time slip by.

Find a hobby you love and invite a friend to do it with you during the winter. How about painting, set up easels outdoors.

Volunteer to help others during the winter. Whether you offer to drive an elder, deliver food or make food for those in need, this connection will definitely lift your spirits.

Offer to take a neighbor’s kid out for a walk or sled. Let’s face it, young parents are overwhelmed with work and homeschooling. Winter is about face masks and covering up so this is definitely possible.

Book clubs are always great, make sure that you give your zoom book clubs the attention they deserve. Sometimes we get distracted and are checking our phones or working on other stuff during this time, but frankly if your book club meets once a month — give it your full attention.

Film/TV Clubs. Invite a few couples to watch a TV series, plan cocktails and dinner to discuss the Film.




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