French fashion has been long renowned for being effortlessly chic yet always elegant. The best thing about parisian style is that it is so nonchalant, all about the comfort, and put together at the same time. But there’s more to french fashion than just berets and stripe tops! Every look features essential & simple pieces like a classic coat or pair of jeans, however these looks are dolled up with powerful french chic vibes. Continue reading to discover how to conquer french fashion for your own wardrobe.












There is nothing more french than a classic fitted blazer. A light colored blazer is delicate, polished and truly adds a subtle feminine touch to a masculine jacket. Pair it with a basic white tee, a simple pair of jeans, and let the blazer be the statement of the outfit.












You haven’t nailed the french fashion wardrobe until you have successfully layered a basic blazer with a striped sweater. The pop of print is a fun way to spruce up a very timeless look. Opt for a simple black and white cashmere sweater to wear underneath if you want to be more neutral. Finally, throw your hair up in a messy bun for the ultimate french girl vibe!

We know the striped button down may feel as cliche french clothes as it can get, but it is such an underrated staple that it had to be included! This striped button down blouse is a necessity in every woman’s wardrobe as it is so comfortable yet polished and can be worn literally anywhere! Adding a red lip will be the only color you need for this outfit.











French footwear is all about the comfort. Ditch your heels and invest in a statement ballerina flat or everyday basic black loafer to head to work or run some errands.















Tailored trousers are the epitome of cool chic french style. Pair it with some sneakers or make it girly with some simple heels! These pants are perfect for work or a casual day out in town.














Sweaters are already as comfortable and casual as it can get, but the french know how to dress it up. Literally, french fashion is big for knitwear sweater dresses. Wear them with black leggings or tights during the colder season for a trendy look.



French formal wear is not about extravagant gowns and accessorizing head to toe. A sleek straight leg jumpsuit with a framing v neck is more fitting than a sparkly dress.








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