Spending some time in Paris is always a special treat for an avid people watcher like myself. Being there during French Fashion Week, I expected to see a literal parade of fabulously wild outfits, but surprisingly, the locals I spotted around town were dressed down—beautifully, but not flamboyantly.French Fashion Week booties

FullSizeRender (2)My camera angle was pointed down just a few days ago since fall footwear was on my mind. What I saw on the pieds of the Parisian ladies was not very different from that of my fellow NYC gals.

Many chose flats and low heels to walk around the Marais district — the chic, boutiquey area of Paris that resembles what SoHo used to be like. I caught some fashion lovers near the Louvre, and in the Jardin des Tuileries. Lots of black in the way of kitten heels, booties and ballet flats…and white in the way of tennis sneakers from Adidas and Converse.

French Fashion Week open-toes

French Fashion Week Footwear

I was able to catch some what looked like a vintage pair. Loved the big buckles!

French Fashion Week Footwear vintageThe French seemed to have gotten the memo that comfort trumps couture, and a day out in the sunshine calls for footwear that’s easy to walk around in. After all, Paris is one of the most perfect cities to see en pied. Once the sun goes down, all bets are off, and the heels come out if they’re cabbing it.

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