Everyone knows that setting up shop in a big city can really help the launch and growth of your startup company, but it can do some real damage to your bottom line. Big cities are expensive to live and work in, but the good comes with the bad in this case. The number of companies to “strike it rich” are often found in large urban centers where there is more access to venture capital investment, people are more willing to take a risk on startup companies, and where you can quickly find a group of like minded people to share your vision for your company. Here are four great places to launch your startup today.

When you think about the idea of a “startup”, most people think of San Francisco. It seems like startup companies have such a great time in San Francisco, what the largest population of startups in the world. But it can also mean competition and folding for some other companies. Still though, San Fran remains one of the most lucrative places to launch your startup in the world. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Another great city to launch a startup in is a little place called Austin, Texas. You may have heard of it. You know, everything’s bigger in Texas, including the startups. Here’s a fun fact about Austin that might not know: they don’t have corporate taxes. Slow down now, don’t all of your run there at once. Because of the growing startup scene, corporate rent prices seem to be increasing, which is something to consider if you are looking to move your startup to Austin. So while there is lots to bring a company to Austin, you’ll want to keep in mind how much it will cost you to operate your startup there.

If you are thinking of launching a startup that isn’t fully immersed in tech, consider becoming part of the growing economy in Portland, Oregon. Aside from many successful tech companies that have come out of Portland, it is also home to many thriving business ventures such as breweries, distilleries and green ventures. The young and supportive community there is great for up and coming companies to tap into as well. And it isn’t just brand new companies coming to the area, seasoned veteran companies are taking advantage of what Portland has to offer too.

Another obvious choice for launching your startup is wherever you are right now. Where you at in this moment in time? It’s the perfect place to launch your startup. You’ve heard of the internet, right? Right. That means there is nothing stopping you from launching your startup right here, right now. If picking up and moving your startup across the country is not in the cards, consider helping to build your own economy by launching your own startup. If you’ve been putting off starting your own company because you think you are limited by your location, think again. There are some really great things happening in small town America, and they are probably happening in your town, right now, thanks to the internet.

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