I was contacted by FOREO to test this BEAR product for our BA50 readers.  The BEAR is a non-invasive Micro Current device.  Below is a video of this 2 minute facelift which is something you can do from the comfort of you own home. It tones the face and neck muscles on your skin. It’s true you can see results in minutes. See below in the video.

Apparently micro currents simulate our own body’s currents. This is why this product works effectively. This FOREO current stimulates muscles below the skin so they become firmer and more toned.

To activate the device simply push the button. You can also manage it through the special FOREO app which I explain in this video.

Make sure you apply a serum with the micro-current device and FOREO has a great one. Their serum feels sleek and hydrating and I would recommend purchasing it along with the BEAR. It’s best to start with Level One so you can see what feels like the most comfortable intensity. From there you can increase the intensity.

This product makes sense to me – it’s like going to the gym for a work out.


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