I had never tried a micro current device before and was thrilled when FOREO asked me to try their product and write about it.  I first started using the product last July and after 3 months,  I can really see benefits from this device. 

As a woman in her 60’s, my skin’s elasticity has noticeably changed.  This FOREO device is advertised as “Yoga For the Face,” and frankly that concept appeals to me.  As I started to develop a routine of 2 minutes a day, 3 days a week I could see how the stretching and muscle stimulation did indeed feel like a facial yogic experience.

When FOREO sent me their Bear product,  I was surprised at how easy it was to work with.  The micro current stimulates my skin and as I move the silver balls along my cheek bones and jaw line area, I can feel the current emitting waking up my  underlying facial muscles.

It makes sense that the micro current in this device actually tightens the muscles below the skin and I have learned it’s a popular treatment at spas. Frankly, I prefer the ease of using this device at home.

Once I downloaded the FOREO App, all I had to do was keep it charged.  Next, I apply the FOREO SERUM (but you can use your own) to create a layer between the current and my skin. And then, voila, I guide the device and the metal balls glide and don’t pull on my skin because of the SERUM.

I’m thrilled FOREO reached out to me to test this product and I’m happy to recommend it to my BA50 readers.

Check out this video to see how it’s used.

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