If a beauty genie were to grant you one wish, how many of you would wish for naturally healthy and beautiful hair? Unfortunately, genies aren’t real, but you won’t be needing one if you can get your hands – or should i say hair – on any of these fabulous products! Check out our top must-have products for healthier hair.

  1. Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic Ionic Round Thermal 4 Brushes Kit

The secret to healthy hair is more obvious than you think. Owning a solid, non-damaging brush is so easy with this set. You will notice an instant difference in how soft, smooth, and effortlessly styled your hair. Flawless hair is so easy with this salon quality brush set.



2. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment 

Argan oil is renowned for renewing hair cells and constantly restoring that vibrant glow to your hair. This Moroccan oil treatment will leave your hair feeling silky and soft and stronger than ever. The best medicine for dull and dried ends is just a small pump of this amazing product – so stock up!

3. Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Spray 

We are all guilty of giving our hair way too much heat. Blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons may be our best friends on bad hair days, but without a thermal protection spray, all that heat can really damage and dull your hair. This Paul Mitchell Thermal Protection Spray builds a protective barrier from harsh temperatures to keep your hair healthy and strong.



4. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a gift from the future as it’s advanced features are sure to blow you away! Not only is it this non-disturbing hair dryer made to produce an inaudible frequency, but its’ temperature and heat controlling technology will dry your hair super fast while preventing any heat damage. It is lightweight and made to style for that perfect salon blowout.¬†

4. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturing Shampoo¬†

This texturizing dry shampoo is a life saver for when you’re trying to style some major second day hair or just don’t have the time to shower on a hectic day. This product absorbs excess oils and builds major volume for tousled, effortless hair. Never step out of the house with greasy, undone hair again with this refreshing product.



5. Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo-Relax 

Out of all the shine serums and sprays in the world, this one is the best! This “miracle in a bottle” will smooth, sleek, and de-frizz your hair with only a penny size amount. The best part of all is that it works for all hair types, wet or dry, creating the healthiest glow and shine your hair will ever experience.

6. T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

The T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeble Styling Wand has the masses ditching their old curling irons for this hot new product. This triple action tool contains three different heads for your choice of tousled, undone, loose, or cascading waves. Not to mention its 5 level heat setting adheres the perfect amount of non-damaging heat for any hair type.


7. Dr. Schedu Keratin Collagen Treatment 

The key to any great hair product is the science that lies behind it! This keratin collagen treatment is backed by the latest developments in healthy hair research to promote the most beautiful, revitalized hair ever. The biggest favor you can do for your hair is to simultaneously nurture it with keratin and collagen as it will stimulate healthy hair growth and leave your locks visibly smooth and hydrated. . 

8. L’Oreal Curve it Curl Taming Gel-Cream

For all the ladies out there who feel like their curls just cant be tamed, this curl taming gel cream by L’Oreal is a true godsend. This product provides 24 hour high definition while granting your curls a soft texture, strong hold, and perfect definition. Apply it to damp hair and distribute evenly while scrunching your locks to create the perfect pretty curls you desire.











































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