We all know about foods that boost energy, sharpen memory, and even fight flab. But what about aphrodisiac snacks that improve your sex life? If the prospect of the summer heat alone isn’t enough to put that extra spring in your – err, step, try these trusty tips for getting in the mood with food from internationally renowned celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin, co-star of TLC’s hit series Freaky Eaters:

·         Feed him celery – a few stalks of celery it raises a man’s androstenedione, which emits a scent women can’t resist

·         Get your zinc on – zinc-containing foods support healthy sperm production and are high in D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate, which increased testosterone levels.

·         O-ysters – a rich source of tyrosine (an amino acid) and zinc ergo more libido!

·         Tyrosine and zinc supplements – increase dopamine levels in the brain, which has been linked to boosting the sex drive.

·         Supplements, baby, supplements – fish oil supports good blood flow, arginine helps with vasodilation, and Tongkat Ali supports healthy testosterone levels.

·         Go nuts – L-arginine enhances production of nitrous oxide (NO) to increase blood flow to the nether regions, and nuts especially are rich in arginine.

·         Yes, chocolate! – dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which releases the same endorphins triggered by sex and increases the feelings of attraction between two people.

·         Carnal condiments – spicy meals spice up your romance and sauces, sides, and dressings made from chili peppers (such as hot sauce or salsa) contain the chemical capsaicin, whose effects mirror the signs of arousal (sweating, tingles, rapid heart rate, and flushed cheeks).

·         Sexy sushi –
Salmon and mackerel are high in omega-3 fatty acids that keep sex-hormone production humming along, tuna is a good source of selenium, which increases your man’s count, and ginger aids overall circulation as well.

·         Red, red wine – increases estrogen levels and contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that improves circulation during sex.

·         Crank up the Vitamin C-rich foods – survey says red peppers and oranges = better mood and more sex.

·         Hot coffee – coffee drinkers have higher libidos and hit the sheets more often than those who don’t indulge, according to a study conducted by Southwestern University.

·         Pom(egranate) wonderful – pomegranates are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that allow blood to flow through your veins — a key component of good sex.

·         Get filet-ed – Lean cuts of red meat are great sources of zinc and curb production of a hormone called prolactin, which at high levels can cause sexual dysfunction. Choose deep red round cuts or ones that have loin in the name.


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