Puffy eyesYou may doubt the scientific benefits of smearing food on your face to improve your skin condition, but doesn’t it sound like fun? And what if it works for you? What’s the downside of trying food as a topical healer or natural herbs as remedies for your skin? It does seem a bit odd that so much of the contents of our own refrigerator could become the alchemy of a youthful glow. So then, don’t be so quick to dismiss the idea of food for your skin without a quick trial. Who knows, this could become your new routine!

Think of all the benefits:  easy on the pocketbook; you can eat or drink the leftovers in most cases; it’s a time saver as the veggie aisle at the grocery store can be your one-stop shop for food and face;  and –if you don’t see results, at least you had fun (and hopefully no food rashes).

No question, when it comes to playing hard in the summer, our skin takes a beating, be it from cuts, bruises or too many cocktails which give us those puffy eyes.  The good news is there are plenty of natural fixes at hand that I rely on for the whole family.

Plus, summer is the best time for DIY projects and there’s no better project than your skin.

Here’s a few of my favorites–if you’ve got any more ideas we’d love to hear from you.

Problem:  Bruises, Scrapes, Scars–What’s the Natural Remedy For This?

Old Wives’ Tale: Vitamin E, Arnica, and Marigold work to minimize scarring and bruising.

Reality: All the above creams work!  My kids laugh at me because every time there’s a  big “OUCH” I follow it up with “Get the Arnica!”  I now keep the tube of Arnica in the kitchen drawer and it’s our go-to remedy for skin abrasions and bruises. Vitamin E and Calendula (Marigold) help with scarring and inflammation as well.

Problem:  “Eye Hemorrhoids”–Puffy Eyes

Old Wives’ Tale: You may have heard that Preparation H deflates puffy eyes and if you rub it on your thighs you can get rid of water weight. Well, this is now officially an old wives’ tale.  They changed the formula so it no longer works (but it did). It used to contain something called Bio-Dyne (also known as LYCD – Live Yeast Cell Derivative), an ingredient famous for its wrinkle-reducing effects — BUTT (ha, ha) no longer. Forget about it.

Reality:  Cold Cucumbers

Start slicing those cukes! Placing them on your eyes really helps to deflate those eye bags because they are cold and moist  Lie back–5 to 10 minutes and the blood vessels start to constrict. Cheap and effective and it feels and smells great.

Problem: Saggy skin around the eye area

Old Wives’ Tale: Egg whites help tighten under-eye skin.

Reality:  This really works! Whip up 1 or 2 egg whites until stiff–apply underneath your eyes with a soft paintbrush or soft cloth.  Wait until it dries (a few minutes at most), then gently wipe off. Your skin will feel tighter and less puffy.

Problem: Dark circles under the eyes

Old Wives’ Tale: Chamomile tea gets rid of dark under-eye circles.

Reality: Placing steeped tea bags on your eyes makes a huge difference, and after 20 minutes you can often see those dark circles begin to fade.

Problem: Brown Spots and Dry Skin

Old Wives’ Tale: Sugar is good to use as a scrub in the shower.

Reality: Sugaring is not just for pancakes–you can sugar your skin in the shower and instantly tell how smooth it feels. I was told by my skin therapist/facialist  that I could create my own exfoliant to fade brown spots, remove dead skin and alleviate dryness…and all I needed was a paste made of sugar and water. Her instructions: after cleansing your face thoroughly, mix 3 tablespoons of sugar with one tablespoon of water and rub the paste  on your face in circular motions.  This sounded fun so I brought the paste in a sugar bowl to the shower – put some on my washcloth and got to work. Unbelievable – I couldn’t get over how smooth and fresh my skin looked and felt– and this has now become a routine that makes a difference.

Got any more natural remedies we can try? Love to hear them, so please share below.



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