Lashes are in, and they come in all shapes and sizes (just like BA50s!). We found this great video from NBC News that lays it all on the line (the “lash” line!). Whether you want to adhere them on your own or get someone else to do the deed for you (like our She Did It/Boston sponsor Lash L’amour), this video will supply all the answers you need.

From NBC about the video: Ā “Long, look-at-me eyelashes are all the rage thanks to celebrities like Selena Gomez. TODAY style expert Bobbie Thomas shows you how to get the look even if you donā€™t have a celebā€™s budget, offering guidance on drugstore eyelashes, gluing on lashes and going to an eyelash extension professional.”

And we’ve got some personal experience too! Ā Read here a short postĀ all aboutĀ the BA50 team experiment with Eyelash extensions– spoiler alert: “Better than Botox.”




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