#1 No More Mystery Bottles While Traveling

The 8 hour flight is behind me, I’m off the tarmac, I’ve collected my suitcase, and all that’s lost is my ability to think coherently. Now in my hotel room, all I want to do is wash my face. The last thing I want is to figure out which bottle holds my face wash…

mystery bottle

Is this eye cream or face wash?

No more mystery bottles!

I now travel with the Eminence Must Haves Starter Kit. I not only save time by not having to fill travel bottles with my skin products, I don’t have to guess at which product is in which bottle. It’s convenient and easily carries everything for my skin care routine. A perfect travel bag.

Must Have Minis Starter Set | Eminence Organic Skin Care

And the products? After a day of travel they bring me back to life, as satisfying as spreading butter on Italian bread. Eminence Organic Skin Care is the best invention known to this diva since down travel pillows.

My jet lag brain loves how easy it is to read the labels. Each product comes in different shapes so I can easily figure out which is which without grabbing my glasses while in the shower.

Must Have Minis Starter Set

I can read this without my glasses, no more guessing in the shower!

It’s the little things in life ladies…


#2 The Free Samples

You may have noticed the Monoi Age Corrective Night Body Cream in the picture above. That is not included in the starter kit. It’s a free sample and every time you make a purchase they send you several samples which are also perfect for traveling.

I know!!


#3 It was recommended to me by a professional in the business.

Parabens in my lotions? No thank you.

Years ago, when I found out my favorite lotion that I had been using since high school had Parabens, a hormone disruptor that may be dangerous to my health, I felt betrayed by a company that promoted, “healthy looking skin.”


So began my search for a plant based, organic skin care line that did not have any ingredients that acted as hormone disruptors. You would not believe how difficult it was to find skin care products that did not contain the ingredients on the list above.

Try it sometime.

During my quest, I mentioned my frustration to a very nice esthetician while having a facial at the Chuan Spa in the Langham Hotel, Chicago. She recommended the Eminence Stone Crop line.

I was amazed at how creamy and luxurious the moisturizer felt on my skin. My face felt clean, hydrated, and healthy.


#4 I trust the company and my doctor

How often can you say that? Especially in the cosmetic industry.

My children’s pediatrician once told me, “Do not put anything on your baby’s skin that you would not ingest.” Think about that for a moment. What a concept. I had been using body lotion on my skin everyday since I was 15. I had never thought about how safe the lotion was to cover the largest organ of my body. But now I can feel good about the ingredients that Eminence uses to feed my skin. I loved the first cleanser and lotion that I purchased at the spa and have not used anything on my face or body since. I had finally found a clean skin care line that I could trust.


#5 The products smell so good I want to eat them

Yes, I was a weird 4 year old that liked to eat dirt, but I’ve grown out of that stage. Eminence products are made with things that come from the earth like mangosteen and rose that smell so delicious!

Now I just lick my face mask.

I’m kidding, really.

The textures of the products are silky smooth, smell amazing, it’s like washing your face in an aromatic Cotswold, English garden (where I want to travel to next) without having to leave your bathroom.


So, what are my Go To Eminence products?

I’ll tell you.


Stone Crop Gel Wash

Stone Crop Gel Wash

It comes out as a gel and you don’t need much. But your skin does not feel like jelly, it feels clean and hydrated.


Mangosteen Body Lotion

Mangosteen Body Lotion

It’s not often you find a lotion heavy enough to use in the winter and light enough to use in the summer but Mangosteen Body Lotion does both. It is creamy but not greasy, smells delicious, providing a blanket of hydration even below freezing temperatures.

I have a bottle by the kitchen sink, and a pocket size in my purse.


Bamboo Firming Lotion

It works like magic. One pump covers my entire face and instantly firms up the little lines around my mouth. Within moments my lines become fainter and smoother and I look a little more hydrated.

Bamboo Firming Lotion

And I’m not the only one who likes it.


What I suggest

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed browsing through the products. A good first step is ordering some samples. Or start with a Starter Kit. Although many products can be bought as a sample, some cannot. If I were to buy one product firsthand without trying, it would be the Recovery Oil. Reading the reviews of the products is super helpful. After one reviewer said she puts it on her baby’s dry patches (that’s one smart momma, I think we have the same pediatrician) I decided to try it and immediately fell in love. I use it for very dry patches as well as my lips. The Citrus and Kale Potent Vitamin A and C Serum is also one of my favorites, especially in winter. There is just something nice knowing you are putting vitamins on your face.

I’ve gifted Eminence to my adult kids and now they’re hooked. They love it! It’s a little out of their price range so I make sure to include a few products in their Christmas stocking. They make perfectly expensive stocking stuffers. I pass on the samples to them as well so they will get more hooked on things they cannot afford. That’s OK, just like when they were kids, it feels good to be able to get them to take their vitamins, and do something good for their skin, starting at a younger age.



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