Our friend Emma over at AHA surveyed recent college grads to vet these useful must/have-haves. Check these out:

Did you know that the new iphone 7 no longer has a headphone jack?   These are the world’s smallest wireless bluetooth earphones with multi-device connectivity and perfect for both taking calls (with built-in mic) and listening to music or missed lectures. Comes in a modern, sleek portable charging case. It’s perfect!  We’ve done our research, these are our best selling hottest product right now. This will be the new default for all electronics in the future so  help them upgrade immediately with these high-quality earphones.


Give them the art of journaling — there life beyond technology. These beautiful leather journals from Australia were the natural choice. They are perfectly sized to fit in all bags, and come with a lovely pen tipped with natural goose feather for added intrigue. Each page comes blank and unlined—you can literally feel the quality in your fingertips as you touch the pages.


Instagram, snapchat… they are definitely photography pro’s with their iphones but help them upgrade with this amazing phone case that comes with four built-in lenses (fisheye, wide angle—it’s got them covered), you just snap it onto your phone and flip the lenses with your finger for an instantly upgraded selfie. They will love you for this gift!


Music is super important for the dorm room.  This stylish multi-functional wireless speaker is top of the line and a great investment piece for all of college and beyond. Deep bass, modern style and a must-have indoor/outdoor portable sound system. It’s blue-tooth, has a mic for conference calls (for their next school project) and also serves as a phone charger holding up to 6 charges.


Give them the calming energy of this beautiful long lasting hand-made candle that comes with secret messages encoded in morse code.  Choose what you want to send: Balance, Courage, Kindness or Love.  It is the most thoughtful gift


This is an awesome must-have for every college student. It has everything: charges  your phone at night, plays soothing white noise to help you get a good night sleep, wakes you up in the morning with a wake up light that simulates sunrise, sets your alarm with your favorite music and gives you weather and traffic reports.  The ultimate go-to device for all your needs for your dorm room.


College rooms can be stuffy and with all those students living in close proximity, germs are rampant and the air isn’t great.   This smart humidifier both purifies and moisturizes your air.  It automatically adjusts itself into sleep mode when the humidify in the room reaches it’s optimal state.


Finally, here are two of my picks from our last gift guide that are flying off the shelves that I also think are perfect for your first care package for your college kids, get them while they last:


I recently rested replacing coffee with matcha tea for my daily energy boost. While coffee generally gives me the jitters and has questionable benefits, matcha is high in antioxidants and boosts memory, increases energy and concentration, detoxifies your system and even burns calories (now you’re listening!). My Japanese friends swear by it, and this beautiful kit has everything you need to start a fabulous new routine. For college kids, they have to often stay up to finish longer papers and homework assignment.  This is MUCH healthier for them than coffee or Redbull!


This one is my favorite time saver! We all have bad hair days and very little time. This heated ceramic brush straightens and get rid of frizz for all your busy mornings. Just brush, and ditch your straightening iron. For college girls, this will be a life-saver to avoid bad hair days!

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