FallRunwayModelsCall me old fashioned, but I love the term “back to school”. It musters up life’s timeline by streaming old photos through my memory.

My first “back to school” photo memory is an old black and white photo of my brother’s first day of school and there, peeking through the screen door, is younger sister Doreen, photo bombing! Who knew that I was cutting edge back then? It was not the last time that my head appeared in that same scenario as Mom captured Eddie’s first days of doing everything!

I of course continued the tradition of the first day of school photographs for my daughters and would certainly be disowned by both if I shared here, although it is so damn tempting! But alas, this is a fashion piece and elementary school fashion was always a tad geeky when you look back – at least mine was – seriously geeky!

pantsuits-trendThe idea of Fall’s firsts brings excitement, energy and a renewed sense of enthusiasm in regard to all things worth doing, a reimagining of our gardens, our outdoor activities, our home décor and course, our wardrobes.

I am always excited by the fabrics, the patterns, the styles and the sheer lusciousness that is Fall fashion. As a buyer in the industry I used to view the Fall line in January when the designers released their collections and all the buyers sharpened their pencils, worked their open-to-buy and tried to make sure we filled our stores with what our customers would like and not just what WE liked! Having the pre-knowledge of what was down the pipeline made for days of longing to see the UPS truck pull up to the warehouse. As a stylist and image consultant I still have to know what’s ahead, despite not having millions to spend on it.

This season will not be a disappointment! Here is a rambling of sorts of style trends that will be making their way to the stores and possibly to your closets! Of course as you go through there will be some things that resonate with you and some things that don’t. That’s called personal styling! However fashion is supposed to be fun, so try to introduce a few new items so you look current, stylish, renewed and refreshed. Need help, that’s why I am here!

plaid-overcoats-trendRunway Ramblings:

Updated shades of camel everywhere, metallic’s, rich jewel tones, fall florals, feline prints, dark psychedelic prints, bold colors, sumptuous suede color blocking, crisp silhouettes, turtlenecks under dresses, plaid menswear jackets, pantsuits complete with bold colors and trim tailoring, tweed skirt suits, asymmetrical sweater tunics, long vests for effortless layering, feminine silhouettes, ruffle blouses, tie-neck blouses, bell sleeves, leather essentials, glossy patent pants, fancy pants, wide leg trousers, lace embellished evening wear, luscious wrap coats, plaid overcoats, wool capes, bomber jackets, monochromatic outfits, shift dresses, mighty boots, colorful suede shoes, velvet heels – whew!

The possibilities to infuse something new and exciting into your Fall wardrobe are endless. Refer to your favorite style magazines or websites, Stylecaster, InStyle, Vogue, Elle, W Magazine and more!

Then, for personal style inspiration, start here – my Post-it Plan lives on!

Next step, let’s chat about your ideas!

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Comment below with your style ideas! Sharing is so fashionable!

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