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My daughter said, “Yes to the dress,” an emotional touchpoint in a mother’s life. If you’ve been there you know what I mean.

Checking out, the dress consultant directed her attention towards me, “Did you see the Mother of the Bride dresses over there?” I turned to look at the racks hanging for us moms. “I’ll come back to look at them.”

This is my daughter’s day. And I am not ready to try on dresses yet.

As a woman you understand the full spectrum of emotion that goes along with shopping for clothes. Magnify that times 100 and that’s how I felt about MOB dress shopping. Planning the appointments took time, pulling up the shapewear took effort. Shopping in a dimly lit dressing room over and over again took energy, and coming out of the dressing room took courage.

But soon after my daughter pressed, “Did you start looking for a dress?” For the first stop, I met my daughters at the local dress boutique. “There are no dresses in my size,” I thought and immediately felt intimidated.

“Try them on anyway,” the proprietor said. “We order the dress according to your measurements.”

Standing in the dressing room, emotion I was not expecting passed through me. Pulling off my pants I stepped into the rabbit hole of self criticism. “Don’t look in the mirror,” I told myself. The sagging underwear, varicose veins, pockets of softness covered my body reminding me I am no longer the bride.

Stop! You are a real woman, do NOT compare yourself to photo models, the dings and dents of life are normal. You wanted to enjoy this experience, right? No self shame!

I emerged from the dressing room as my daughters stared at their phones.

Can you both please look a little more enthused? Do you realize the therapy session I just had with myself in the dressing room?

The sales staff came over to tighten my bra straps, pull up the front and push down on the back as I stood there uncomfortably straight.

MOB dress shopping

The glam dress. My daughters loved it. I felt like Zsa Zsa Gabor in Green Acres. ♪ “Honey I love you but give me Park Ave!” ♪

MOB dress shopping

But how do you dance?

MOB dress shopping

“Instead of a bra you wear a bustie, what?” More coverage please.

MOB dress shopping

OK maybe a little too much coverage. Getting a strong Serena Joy Waterford vibe.

MOB dress shopping

LOVE! But it was more expensive than my daughter’s dress.

MOB dress shopping

Very comfortable and it even had pockets!

MOB dress shopping

♪“Looking for ruching in all the wrong places “ ♪♪

MOB dress shopping

Just keep looking, just keep driving…

With the right perspective I enjoyed going to the different shops, even in the middle of winter. After the initial shock of that first appointment I had fun trying on the glam gown that said, “I spent the last 30 years in the gym and med spa,” the beaded dress that weighed 40 pounds and created a spectacular story on your body. They were beautiful but not for me.

This is my daughter’s wedding. I am not the bride, I’ve had my turn. I want to compliment my daughter, not compete with her.

More importantly, I wanted a dress that fit my body instead of trying to fit my body into a dress. Style, comfortable fabric, being able to dance and wear a regular bra were all musts in my final selection.

MOB dress shopping

I tried this on just for the sleeves and ended up loving the fabric. It had just enough stretch for comfort but still kept everything in. I narrowed the selection to Chiara Boni La Petite Robe dresses | Chiara Boni Online Shopping.

MOB dress shopping

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Metallic V-Neck Sunburst Wrap Gown is the winner!

Metallic sparkles that flash glam, ruching in the right place, a regular bra to hold up the girls, and a split seam so I can dance. The next call is to my tailor.

Stay tuned for Part 2, finding the perfect shoes…

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