dealing with crisis - it's in the starsWhat has 2014 been like for you so far? Have things felt more intense and accelerated than usual, accompanied perhaps by an increased feeling of anxiety and pressure? Have you felt like the status quo is no longer comfortable —  as though you need to make changes, but maybe feel uncertain and confused about what to do instead? If the answers to some or all of these questions are yes, your feelings may be related to the dramatic energies that are at play in the heavens since December 2013.  They are building to a peak the next two days– on April 22-24, 2014. (see my related post: New Moon on New Years Day.)

Our planet is going through a time both of crisis and awakening.

The Chinese symbol for crisis is made up of two trigrams: danger and opportunity. The astrological configurations of April 2014 hold both of these possibilities, and it is up to us to consciously make it work for the highest good of all concerned.

Today through this Thursday — April 22-24, 2014, there will be a rare dramatic alignment of four planets in the sky in a volatile and challenging configuration. The planets Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars will form a cross, each of them in Cardinal signs; Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra respectively. Cardinal signs mark the onset of each season, and are associated with initiation and new beginnings. These four planets will be arrayed in geometrical angles of tension or stress with one another.

This array may potentially be experienced in human terms as power struggles, ground breaking legislation, violent political events, natural disasters, economic upheavals, or scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. But one thing is for sure, it’s definitely not business as usual. On a personal level, we may feel psychically pulled in opposite directions, in a way that feels irreconcilable.

In order to weather and even thrive during this critical period, first of all, do not resist. Ride the wave. Harness the energy. Go with it. Know that it will not feel or be like this forever. Do not try to hold onto the structures, people, ideas or situations in your life which have outlived their appropriateness or meaningfulness, just because they are reassuringly familiar.

Do not sleep walk through your life. I recommended that you tune into yourself more closely and carefully than usual. Really examine how you authentically feel and ask yourself questions. Why am I engaging in this or that? Does it work, does it really suit who I have become? Is it what I really want for myself? If you determine that it is a time to make a necessary change, take the plunge. Make a course correction and set your sails in accordance with your conscious intention. Know that by July 2014, that which is seeded during this potent time will bear fruit.

My esteemed astrology teacher and spiritual mentor Maurice Fernandez created an evocative video about April 2014, which I would like to share with you. He clearly and vividly describes this unique astrological moment, its impact upon our human experience personally and collectively, with its inherent opportunities and challenges. And most importantly, he offers a valuable prescription for making the most of it.

April 2014 – An Astrological Perspective – part 2 from Maurice Cosmic on Vimeo.

The second video is a beautiful, imaginative, and peaceful guided meditation by artist and Reiki teacher, Natalie Dekel, “Lemurian Healing”, which creates a welcome, magical, healing respite in the midst of all of this high drama and stress.

Enjoy, and hang on during the ride!


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