There are very few clothes that we BA50’s can wear that our kids wear. One category is leggings. Apres workout wear is no more than throwing on a fresh top and a great pair of boots over our leggings after a gym, spin or barre class.

But, lately I’ve been seeing leggings that look like artwork — that go beyond your basic black or non-descript spandax work out wear. Leggings that deserve to go our after class.

It all started at Starbucks when I was having coffee after spin class with my friend Joanne. A woman walked in wearing leggings that had a fabulous print on them. I asked her if I could take a picture of her legs (I know a bit weird). She was awesome and gave me so much information on the leggings and other great places to check out.

So — this is how I became a legging stalker.

The leggings I found look like free styling tights – straight out of California–  youthful but sophisticated all at once.

Check out these great companies that have very arty cool leggings.

These definitely STRETCH you a bit – don’t you think – way beyond the familiar Athleta and Lulu look. Which ones do you like?

From Werkshop I love these black and white leggings. Plus these are full length for long legged women. I’m always on the lookout for coverage to my ankles and these fit the bill.


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And how about this crane design. It definitely looks like a leg tattoo — very cool.


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Check out this company Kira Grace and enjoy reading the back story on the designs. These particular tights are made from a prayer flag photograph. I think they are works of art for your legs.


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And if you wear ripped jeans — you may love these — sexy don’t you think?


Find them here.

How about a pair of REVERSABLE yoga leggings. Brilliant! That’s the first I’ve heard. I love the subtle color gradation as you move down the leg — very elegant and less bold.


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And the most reasonably priced website of this bunch is Onzie. I love these flair pants — Please please tell me bellbottom yoga pants are coming back in style. If you have hips – this is really flattering. These come in many colors.


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