I recently stopped into my favorite Athleta store in Scarsdale, NY and was overjoyed at all the selections.

My work out gear has become overused and gross as I wear it pretty much every day. I have literally shredded my spin and yoga tights and they are becoming transparent and  frayed. Actually it felt like quite an accomplishment so a little shopping bonanza seemed deserving. Time to reload the athleisure wardrobe!

Athleta makes it easy to get a well rounded workout wardrobe… and within 20 minutes I had tons of options but these are some of the pieces I liked best

I would love to know what you think. (PS the video below asks for your vote…which jacket to get)? Take a look and maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some new gear too.

Athleta gear I could wear all day.

  1. Black Suede Baseball Cap $44
  2. Tioga Cropped vest $118
  3. Verona Hoodie Sweater Navy $118
  4. Burgundy Speed Light Tank
  5. Gray Elation Yoga Workout Tights $89I also loved this outfit.
  6. Northstar Bomber Jacket Grey
  7. Mesa Hybrid T-Neck Red Wool Sweater $148
  8. Polartec Sculptec Tight (So cozy)
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