There’s a fine line between staying warm under your winter bedding and becoming to sweaty. It’s hard to find just the right mix of layers and breathable covers and blankets.

We have found great bedding options for those Menopausal night sweats. Sleep is too precious to be interrupted. We think you will like these choices.

Gray Ticking Blanket

We love this Pine Cone Hill Ticking Blanket available at Wayfair. It’s light but warm. 100% Cotton. Soft and Cozy. $126 Queen and $152 King.

Matouk is one of our favorites lines but it’s super upscale. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Matouk discounts. This set not only looks great, it feels great. This is their Dashiell line and it’s Chambray. You can get it on Amazon.

100% Bamboo Fiber Blankets are breathable and have enough weight to make you feel tucked in. I have these on all my bedding for summer and winter. Plenty available on amazon and the price is right under $50.

Amara is a gorgeous site and has plenty of patterns that are warm and inviting. Great mix and latch layering to give you a lift after a hard day. We love this Duvet Cover and combo blend of patterns. Plus, it’s breathable and beautiful.

Check into your own 5 star hotel room with this bedding. Love these fine hotel quality linens. Hudson Park Bedding is tried and true and amazon has these at a great price. We love this crispy clean look. Feels fresh and looks great.

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