Dad, Grandpa, Hubby…any man in your life might love to see a shoot ‘em up film or go to a ball game on Father’s Day, but those gifts don’t rank very high on the creativity scale. We think our suggestions are just a little bit more outside the box, so whether your guy is a Home Depot groupie or a Dapper Dan who doesn’t know a ratchet wrench from a ball peen hammer, these suggestions will surely make him smile.





1. Suds For Your Bud: Yes, it’s very stereotypical to expect a dad to love getting beer on his day, but instead of a plain old Beer of the Month GC, how about this Beer Making Kit that will allow him to craft his own artisanal brew right in his own kitchen? Throw in some delectable Beer & Pretzel Truffles and a bar of Philadelphia Pale Ale Soap for some added “suds,” and your job will be done.





2. For the Rocker: Rock & Roll never forgets, and neither does your guy, so a pair of tickets to see his favorite band would be great. And if your music buff does more than just play air guitar and really has a guitar of his own, this DIY Guitar Pick Punch will allow him to make his own guitar picks from old credit cards. Hey, he can rock out and recycle all at the same time!





3. For the Sartorialist: If the man in your life likes to dress up, he can never have too many pairs of cuff links. A beautiful, custom-tailored shirt would be a crowd pleaser, and some Hugo Boss Laureano Cuff Links will add some distinctive flair to his wardrobe. If he fancies himself a suave and sophisticated type, these Bond, James Bond Cuff Links might just tickle his fancy.  You might also consider this lovely mahogany cufflink case.




4. For the Outdoorsman: If your guy is more Clark Griswold than Grizzly Adams, but he’d still cozy up to the idea of communing with nature, many campgrounds around the country (like Little Bennett Campgrounds in Maryland and others in California) provide Camper Ready Camping. Your campsite will come all set up for you, with a four-person tent, two camp chairs, a propane stove, and a lantern. All you have to bring is the bedding and food. (And this is probably where the Beer of the Month Club beer might come in handy…for you, if you plan on joining him on this trip!)

If you have more of a do-it-yourselfer in your life, you could get him some new gear for the summer over at





5. For the Sports Fan: If your dad is a sports fan, tickets to a game would be great, but doing something for other sports fans would probably make him feel a lot better, right? Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund,
sponsors a Soccer Balls For Kids to be Kids program that sends soccer balls to children all over the world whose lives have been turned upside down by conflict, a disaster or displacement. The balls enable children to meet, interact, exercise and create a fun environment to relieve stress and trauma. Your fun gift will purchase 6 quality leather soccer balls to let kids play.





6. For the Animal Lover: Does your man have a best friend…a four-legged one? Many local artists can be commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind portrait of your loved one’s loved one. Often, all you have to do is send in a photo. (Be sure to ask to see a sample of the artist’s work in advance.)




7. For the Techie: We can’t forget about the men who love tech gadgets. Here’s a sampling of what’s out there that might appeal to the man you’re celebrating…

UP by Jawbone is a wristband and app that tracks how you sleep, move and eat, and while it may sound a tad Big Brotherish, it’s not because it actually then helps you use that info to feel your best.

Beats by Dre Pill Portable Speaker looks small, but that’s the beauty of this tiny but powerful speaker. It’s wireless and cord-free, and can be used on your laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet away.

Nest 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat No more fights over “who’s touching the thermostat??” This auto-scheduling thermostat can program itself by learning your dad’s habits, and it adjusts the temperature. With auto-scheduling, auto-away, and remote control functionality, Nest can save your family money on the monthly energy bill, too. We don’t know any man (or woman) who will bicker with that.




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