screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-30-31-amBotox, sagging, fillers, shapewear, these seem to be the common words that we hear in the media or among our best friends over fifty. We fight it every day by coloring our hair, trying cosmetic surgery, exercising and eating right; but ultimately we all age and sometimes we just need a pick-me-up.

 As women over fifty move into menopause, they encounter hot flashes, mood swings and weight gain. They divorce, stay married, run major businesses, run households; but sometimes it can run us into the ground, and we need to think out of the box.

Enter Image Consultant, Ginger Burr, who said “A lot of women over fifty need to find their inner beauty and express their personality.” Most women get into such rigid routines with their families and careers that they forget about themselves. And with that comes weight gain and lack of focus on one self.  When excess weight comes into play, buying black clothes seems to be an all-time favorite with women. But Burr states that, “black clothing can make us look older, it can emphasize the lines on our faces, and make our skin look gray. Most women should consider adding a few accent pieces to those dark garments to make it pop. Sometimes, it only takes a nice large scarf, a bright colored top, or statement jewelry pieces.”

 Some women over fifty cannot part with their short mini-skirts, and spiked heels, but just know that you need to “wear a more conservative outfit with those two items. It will balance things off,” said Burr.

Form fitting leggings are another popular piece of clothing in women’s fashion today, however; “the leggings can be worn by women over fifty as long as they have a bit more weight to them like a ponte knit. Adding a long sweater to cover your buttocks would be beneficial as well,” according to Burr.

We can’t ignore the fact that youth seems to be the focal point in our society, and we mature women should feel an obligation to be “good role models for our younger generation so that they can advance professionally in their careers,” said Burr. Today’s youth has a plethora of clothing options, but need guidance as to how and when to display these garments. Thirty years ago, women didn’t have a lot of instruction about what to wear. Most of the guidance was reading a fashion magazine or if you were lucky, you had a parent or sibling to steer you in the right direction.

Other tips Burr recommends for the fifty plus crowd is: “To buy a good quality bra since that can change the fit and balance of your outfit. It is important to get a professional bra fitting as well which can be done at any of the big department stores. Purchasing a good pair of knee-high boots, a dressy winter coat, and a quality neutral handbag is a great start. Also, finding a good tailor and altering your new pieces to perfectly fit your specific body type. Plus knowing your lifestyle and what you want in terms of clothing attire. And, regular visits to your hair salon for a good color and cut.”

Once you have committed to taking care of you more intently then everything else will fall into place.

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