BLOG-PRADA QUOTE2I’m slightly miserable because I have to go shopping. Truth be told, there are so many things I’d prefer to be doing.

But I need clothes. And as much as I don’t like shopping, I do like having nice clothes in my closet. I wasn’t always like that. (See: Painting with Purple Crocodile and Black Leather).

But now I see clothes as a creative expression of who I am; and I like being able to match my outside to my inside. And when I don’t have the right items in my closet, I can’t do that.

I recently read an article that asked me to consider what my clothes conveyed about me.

  1. Do you dress to impress (a boss, a love interest, a friend)?
  2. Do you dress in a way that objectifies you?
  3. Do you dress in the same old, tired, clothes that might not express who you are today?

(This last one is unfortunate because I like to think that over the last five years, I was ahead of the times in wearing flare jeans, feather earrings and fringe purses. But my daughters are quick to tell me, this was not the case. In any event, for now, those things are back in style! Not tired and out of date at all.)

Things to do:

  1. Go through your closet.

2. Throw away, or give away, what’s not working for you.

3. If you haven’t gone shopping in a long time, GO.

4. Remember: What you wear reveals how you feel about yourself.


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