top101Having recently downsized and come to the realization that the magic fairies are in fact NOT going to appear and make everything fit in my home, I have come to the sad realization that I may in fact have to purge some of my wardrobe to make room for the essentials in my significantly reduced closets.  Besides, I feel like my life is getting cluttered with too much stuff, and I want there to be space for the people and things that are really important.

The thing about my wardrobe is I’m very attached to it.  Each peace has a bit of a story about it, and as a collecting creature I find that my wardrobe holds my history – something that is important to me as I lack relatives who can anchor me in a time gone by.  Wearing a particular dress takes me back to a place or an event, or can recreate a mood or a moment.  But I have a few too many moments…at last count (but who is really counting…?) there were something like 68 black skirts hanging neatly on racks in the spare bedroom.  All different.  All unique.  (Almost) all being worn in some kind of rotation.

Thinking about streamlining my wardrobe made me ponder what a girl really needs in her closet and what she can never have too many of.  In my opinion, you can never have enough of the following:

Leather Boots:  Good ones.  Tall, short, mid calf, cowboy, black brown or olive…a well made leather boot will always be in style.

essential boots

Black skirts:  Pencil, A-line, Tulle, mini, maxi…there is rarely an occasion where a black skirt isn’t appropriate and stylish.

essential skirts

White T-shirts:  A well fitting white T-shirt will be your best friend.  For Life.

essential tees

Leather Jackets:  A well cut, supple leather jacket in any color will do Yeoman’s Duty when it comes to fashion.

essential leather

Clinique Chubby Sticks:  Enough said.

essential makeup

In fact, mix and match all of the above and you are pretty much set for life.

Now that I think about it, forget the closet purge.  I think I need to hire a designer to create more closet space in my new digs….


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