colortextureshineFlip through any style magazine today and see how many ‘fur’ items you land on.

This is one of Fall’s hottest trends and granted we might like the look of real fur, but this is my personal post and I like the look of live fur so with that in mind it’s a faux-faux a go-go!

Even just a decade ago, faux fur was the ugliest fabric on the planet. The manufacturers were trying to over compensate for the ‘faux’ by making it look over the top, exotic and seriously, a bit trashy! Almost as if it were designed for the ‘cougar’ crowd – excuse the pun!

Nowadays the synthetic fur is silky-soft, good quality and downright chic looking!

Just last night in one of my workshops a client asked, “How can I make a trend work for me?”


My answer was to first consider the trend and whether you sincerely even like it, if it is age appropriate, budget friendly and going to last more than 30 seconds. If that’s a yes to all four parameters, then we make it work for you by keeping in mind that fur falls into the category of color, texture & shine, which is used in styling to add volume. So buyers beware, you are going to add volume if you are going to wear fur, no matter where on your body you are donning it.

faux-fur-scarvesSo be sure to consider the type of faux fur and perhaps look for a flatter nap or a more neutral color when you are going full out for a vest, a jacket or a coat, otherwise those items may wear you as opposed to you wearing those items. Catch my drift here? If a gal is strutting into a room in a full-length purple faux lynx coat, that coat is entering the room first!

For those of you interested in jazzing up your Fall wardrobe with faux-fur-handbagsjust a bit of fur, here are sassy statement making items to put on your wish list.

Here are a few links for your perusing pleasure.

Faux Fur Gloves
Faux Fur Scarves
Faux Fur Handbags

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