As a woman, I know it can be hard to stay feeling fresh all day long. It can also be harder to feel clean after using the bathroom. I live a very fast paced life, both at home and in my career. I don’t have time for self-doubt, and I don’t have time for such worries. I discovered bidet toilets when I traveled overseas for work last year. It was certainly an eye opening experience.

The bidet I used offered two nozzles, and I instantly felt a different type of clean when I was done using the toilet. I loved the feel of the warm water as it was cleaning, and it was also very gentle. Over the next few days, I tried different settings that the remote control allowed.

By the time I returned home, I was certain that I would like a bidet in my home. There were two things that I discovered. First, some models were very expensive. Second, others weren’t very well made. I am a very smart shopper, and I always strive to have a balance between cost and overall value. I wasn’t willing to settle for a cheap model that wouldn’t last or offer me what I wanted.

I spent a couple of weeks really digging into the options. I didn’t want to be disappointed with the bidet I had in my home. I finally settled on the Brondell Swash 1000. The history of the company was impressive to me, and so is the fact that they use only top quality materials. Yet they don’t have the highest prices in the industry. Toss in a generous 3 year warranty and I was ready to look at the features.

The Brondell Swash 1000 offers more features than the first bidet I used when I traveled out of the country. I did notice some of the models only offer one nozzle, but I was sold on the idea of one for the frontal cleaning and one for the rear cleaning. There are several water pressure and water temperature settings offered. I have my preferences that I used every time!

I also like the fact that this model has a dryer, also with three settings. I no longer use toilet paper; I just cleanse and then use the dryer. I feel very clean and refreshed each time. I also enjoy the fact that the Brondell Swash 1000 features a lid that you can sit on. Most toilet lids don’t give you that luxury. I often sit on the lid to shave my legs or to pluck my eyebrows.

I would like to add that the Brondell Swash 1000 is very simple to install. I live alone, and I was able to do it all by myself. You don’t need to pay the plumber to come in and do anything and you don’t need to have a guy that knows about plumbing in your home either.  I really like this bidet and I know you will too!

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