After a group workout during a family get together, our multi-generation girl group gathered around the health club sink applying their personal magic to their faces.
We 50 to 60-something moms were awed by the products emerging from the almost 30-something’s cosmetic stashes. Not shy, the elders took a page from the book of our well researched kids and learned what we needed to add to our basic routines to get a “fresher” look.
Below is a list of the product recommendations and the regimes that I for one plan to follow. Also, the price is right. All these products are under $40.
Highly recommended water-based foundation gives a smoother, brighter and more radiant look. Lightweight sheer coverage. Anti-oxidant protection. It has SPF 15 as well.  $25.
2.Nars Concealer. I must have for all of us. From Nordstrom. $30.
It covers the spots, the lines and imperfections. (I am buying 3 at a time!).
Do you even know what this is? I didn’t. It’s a cosmetic sponge applicator and costs $20 and apparently we need it as it makes everything looks smoother.
4. Tarte Shape Tape For Contouring. This is a highlighter for cheek bones and above cheek bones by Tarte.

5. Sephora: Translucent Micro-finishing loose powder

Micro-finish gives you a HD perfected look.
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