The evolution of jeans are a testament to “the more things change the more they stay the same.” If you haven’t thrown your old jeans out over the last few decades you most likely are able to wear them again in 2020.

If feels good to know that we don’t have to fight with our closet when it comes to our jeans. Some you just don’t want to wear because they are too baggy but more likely too tight. But if they are worn out, all the better. If they are too short, that’s a look. If they are flared that works and if they sit on you waist, bingo, you’re in style for 2020.

For most women over 50 if you want to feel good, just put on your favorite pair of jeans. It sounds superficial but it’s not. It works. Wearing a look that makes you feel young and hip and cozy all at once is not to be discounted. (And that’s why sometimes we pay a premium for those jeans).

Putting on my favorite jeans puts me in a good mood of course as long as they still fit. For years I left my super skinny jeans in my closet after I had my 2 babies as a “goal.” If you are like me this needs no further explanation. I finally wore them 3 years later but they weren’t as great as I remembered. Maybe they had shrunk a tad in my closet.

I loved my Levi’s and Calvin Klein jeans in the 80’s. Slightly baggy, low cut and stone-washed costing around $50. I never was a Jordache girl. Jordache made tight¬†jeans¬†with skinny legs¬†popular, but women also wore ‘mom¬†jeans’ with a high waist and loose fit around the legs. Whether your¬†jeans were¬†a skinny fit or baggy, during the¬†80’s¬†stone-washed and edgy rock-style acid washed¬†denim¬†fabric was the norm.

A hip Colorado mountain girl look with hiking boots was my signature look with a wide belt. And, I still love that look. But since the Levi’s, the amount I was willing to spend on new jeans was a reflection of my finances. Having better funds in my 40’s my budget catapulted to $200 for a pair of Jbrand Jeans. I still loved the stone washed look but once I had to lie on the bed flat to zip them, back into the closet they went.

Fast forward to the last 5 years. Now, I have a collage of jeans collected over decades. I have jeans that slip on like yoga pants. I have 5 button front Levi’s and Rag and Bone stone washed. I have straight leg and boot cut and have pulled out my old 7’s which are bell bottomed.

My blue jean library is truly a trip though the decades of my fashion choices and it makes me smile to see which one’s I pass over and the ones I grab to feel good for a night out with a blazer or a day time chill out with a sweatshirt.

What are your favs?

Jordache Mixed Vintage crop designer blue jeans

Retro 70’s: Jordache Mixed Vintage crop designer blue jeans

Colorado Mountain Look: Pilcro Button-Hem High-Rise Bootcut Jeans

Pull on Yoga Style Stretchy Jeans: Hard Tail Forever – Mineral Wash Roll Down Boot Pant

Your Old Jeans With This Jacket That Has Endured Through Decades: Theory Stretch Denim Jacket

MIxed up Past and Present: Rag & Bone Side-Zip Haru Wide-Leg Crop Jeans

Throwback Multi Button: Rag & Bone Rosie Ankle Skinny Jeans

New Hem And Old Levi’s Style: VETEMENTS x Levis Reworked Skinny Crop Jeans

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